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Iwao Onsen, Tamama-ru

Iwao Onsen, Tamama-ru


I stopped by after sightseeing in Masomo town.


It is a mistake when reading Masomo town with the elephant . It is an Outz.


It is “a”.


It is likely to become a slight feeling of air when coming with the person who is troubled with the hair and is attaching something artificially.



By the way, what is the OFFICIAL hp of Aderans to be displayed at the top with “Masomo information” and Google?







Iwao Onsen is a-ru.


It is squid to extend it with the wavy line.



This is a day-trip bathing facility, and I just stopped by the evening when the sunset is beautiful in the Sea of Japan.



The bathhouse is very simple, and there is only one indoor bath and an outdoor bath.


Because it is so wide, I do not think that it is crowded like a super Sento in the city center.



You can view the sea of Japan from the open-air bath.


The view is really good!


Moreover, the view was almost the best condition because it was a time zone of the sunset.


If you look at the sunset like this, it seems to be forgotten or small troubles….

(Called escapism)





But it is a pity that you have to stand up from the outdoor bath to see the sea.




Hot Spring Analysis Table



This is a hot spring, but the source is only 14 degrees Celsius in Cold springs.


I use boiling source.


Since the source is not 25 °c, and the ingredient is not reached the provision in the Component table, it seems not to be a hot spring, but it is fledged hot spring which conforms to the hot spring method because iron has more than 10mg.


Because it is not a recuperation spring, it is not only the name of the fountain and the spring quality names.


↑ ↑ Just put out the knowledge of the hot spring! Muhu



A resting place









Overall rating 3.4
Price 500 yen
Amenity Shampoo, Body soap
Facility Rest area, dryer

Service Cold water

Attaching bath, open-air bath
Spring quality Cold Spring (weakly acidic hypotonic cold Spring)

Business hours 11:00 ~ 21:00

Bathing Day 2018/6/9


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