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Jizo-Terokuno-In (5 May, 2017)

Jizo-Terokuno-In (5 May, 2017)

We arrived at pilgrimage No. 5 Jizo-ji temple about 9 km from Daimaki shrine.

Do you know that there is a pagoda in Jizo-ji temple?

I have visited Jizo-ji temple twice in the past,
I did not visit the Hhan temple.

It is a policy to look around and visit every corner when visiting temples and shrines.

The reason why I do not worship in the Hhan Hall,
We have visited the bus tour twice in the past.

Because it is a bus tour, only the main hall and Daishido visit,
I haven’t been to the Hhan Hall.

There are few opportunities to enjoy watching Buddhist statues in pilgrimage.

However, this Arhan hall is amazing.

I just want to see it.

The opportunity finally came. (^ ^

I’m looking forward to it.

On April 17, 2016, visit >

Address: 5 Kanji Lin-dong, Itano-machi, Itano-gun, Tokushima
Sect: Shingon sect Miventricular Sect.
Principal Image: Katsuto Jizo Bodhisattva
Founded: (DEN) Kohjin 12 years (821)
Kaiki: (DEN) Hiroshidaishi
Fusistation: Shikoku 88th Place Sacred Sites

Temple Gate

Park your car in the free parking lot and visit the hotel.

I can not stop the excitement.


The main hall and the Daishido are put on the back burner and it goes to the Hhan Hall.

[Hand Water hut]

Stone Buddha was enshrined.

I looked into the well, but there was no sadako. (^ ^;


During the acclaimed construction.


It was the exit when I went to see the inside. (^ ^;

【 Yaroku-Dou 】

We paid 200 yen at the entrance to the place.


A splendid Maitreya is greeted suddenly.

It is pilgrimage that Buddha like this is able to worship it.
I’m very happy.

After all, I want the people of the sentient beings to show his dignity neatly.


The Shakado and Daishido are connected in the corridor,
500 arhats are enshrined along the corridor.

[500 arhats]

The atmosphere is overwhelmed with a considerably large Han-san.

It might feel eerie depending on the person who sees it. (^ ^;


Go towards the Shakado.

[500 arhats]

It’s a lot of fun to watch with different personalities.

It might be unscrupulous if I said it was fun.


This is also a splendid statue of three Buddha statues.

That’s great.

[500 arhats]

There are still many Han-san,
Jizo Bodhisattva and Kannon-san were also enshrined in some places.


Continue to the Daishido.

[500 arhats]

Kobo Daishi

The final tightening is the Daishi.

[Statue of Kannon]

A number of such statues were enshrined.

I went outside the daishido of the exit.

The admission fee of 200 yen is cheap.

Main Hall


This time, lightly worship.

Big Ginkgoes

[Red Seal]

I received the Red Seal of the 500 Han.

The pilgrimage has the dislike of the Hirohoudaishi supremacy principle by all means,
Because it is the hiroshidaishi of the Buddha,
I am glad that such a splendid Buddha is enshrined in the Temple of the Pilgrimage.

It was really good to visit here.

So as to visit the 500 hats on the bus tour,
I’ll call each travel agency.

Especially in the Hankyu Transportation company. Lol<!–


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