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Jotakiji Temple (Worship on February 24, 2019)

Jotakiji Temple (Worship on February 24, 2019)

It is located about a kilometer away from the mysterious temple.
We arrived at Jotakiji, a temple of the Kansai ten Raku Kannon sacred sites.

However, when I arrived at the temple, there were more than ten cars parked,
There is no space to park my car.

There is no place to park in the village, the moment I thought or abandon the chagrin,
I managed to park the car in front of the approach. (^ ^

I wonder if there is a memorial service in the temple today.

Address: 481 daimyo, Aogaki-cho, Tamba, Hyogo
Sect: Shingon Sect Koyasan
Principal Image: Daihinai
Founded: Endowment Year (717-724)
Kaiki: Houmichi Hermit
Fusati: Sacred Sites, Kansai



Kaiki is a temple that has been opened to the endowment year (717-724) by the Homichi hermit.

It was transmitted that it was a temple having a cathedral Nandou,
Until American enterprises will burnt down by the Tanba attack of Mitsuhide Akechi,
It was on the hillside of the current hill.

The original principal image was flourished as a temple of the mountain shutest in immovable Ming Dynasty,
There is a description in the local history.
The light sense seal which is the father of Nakoki is a present principal image Daihinai
As there was an achievement in the sickness of the side room of the Kishu house Lord
It is a graceful appearance of the early Edo period by the one that the remembrance Buddha of the lateral chamber was given.

The current temple has been reconstructed in 1874 at the foot of Atago.

[Tereishi Stone Mark]

Stone steps

Mossy stone steps and stone walls are irresistible. (^ ^

【 Parenting Hall 】

The temple was enshrined in Koyasu Kannon and Jizo Bodhisattva.

[Bosatsu Kanesune Bodhisattva]

There was a usual old man’s grandmother at the foot. (^ ^

It is an old man’s miniature image.

【 Warabe Jizo 】

【 Belfry 】

Main Hall

Supporters-San gathered in the main hall and the General Assembly was held.

I think there is a similar problem anywhere in the temple,
It seemed to have been a keen story with Mr. Supporters about the decline. (^ ^;

[Nodding Jizo]


[Ming Dynasty Fudo]


[Kurikara ryuking]

【 Inviting Zodiac 】

In the hard sell of the grandmother who supported the Red seal,
I bought it. Lol

It was 100 yen, so I wrote a hard ink, so no problem. (^ ^

[Red Seal]


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