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Kameyama Hachimangu Shrine (worship on November 4, 2017)

Kameyama Hachimangu Shrine (worship on November 4, 2017)

The shrine is enshrined in the vicinity of the 33rd Choshoji Temple.

Was completely a shrine of no mark, so
Anyway, I went to see what kind of shrine it was.

Address: 1618-3 Ikeda, Shodoshima-cho, Azuki-gun, Kagawa
Enshrined: The life of the goods
Built: Extended 4 years (926)
Fusatin: Seven Lucky gods Shodoshima

From Ishishimizu Hachiman Shrine to the assumed of the Emperor’s Landing
Extended 4 years (926) It is the old company which was encouraged.

Ikeda Hachiman Shrine is called, and it is one of five Azuki Island company.
It is also one of the seven lucky gods Shodoshima enshrined the big black God.

4 years of Nanbokucho era (1371) for the safety of the Shonai people
It is written that it rebuilt the Hachiman-gu shrine.

The priest of the life prolonging Temple Hachiman-ji, which is Jinguji of Hachiman shrine,
It is the person who dominent this shrine.


It is understood that the scale of the shrine is large when this torii is seen.


Next to the Torii, it seemed that the amulet was sold,
It was closed. (^ ^;


【 Goin Shrine 】

Enshrined in the middle of the approach of the soil.


There was a free parking lot in front of Jinmon.



It’s a big waste. (^ ^;


Front Shrine

Main shrine


There was no such a horse. Lol

I saw it for the first time. (^ ^

[Precincts Company]


[Precincts Company]


This twisting condition is unbearable.


There is a strange sense of strangeness in the Divine Gate.

You can have a sports day here. Lol

The Red seal was not only absent.<!–


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