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Kibi Temple (on 24 December 2018)

Kibi Temple (on 24 December 2018)

The journey of Fukuyama and Kurashiki pilgrimage is finally the endgame.

Then, we moved to Kibi-ji temple in Mabei town, Kurashiki City.

The area which was the most damaged in West Japan torrential rains last year speaking of Mabei town.

I was not going to see onlooker, but
When you enter Mabei town, you still have traces of damage
It came here and there and it looked unpleasant.

The embankment of Odagawa was also collapse.

The high-beam river of the first class river rises, and the water of Odagawa of the tributary
Because it caused the back water phenomenon that can not be joined smoothly,
The dike is collapse in Odagawa and eight tributaries in the branch.

One-third of the town was submerged, and about 4,600 houses were flooded.

After all, the damage of Mabei town became big
Not only the heavy rain but also the discharge of the dam was caused.

Disasters ceased.

Such a house and the building which seems to be a coffee shop
It is not a situation where you can live very much now.

The houses in the back are open and the windows and doors are open.
People don’t seem to live there.

There was a signboard of the Manbei town, too, in the town.
I want you to regain your old life as soon as possible.

Location: Saeko 3652-1, Shinbei-machi, Kurashiki, Okayama
Sect: Shingon sect Miventricular Sect.
Principal Image: Yakushi-Nyorai
Year of creation: Asuka Period
Kaiki: Unknown
Fusistation: Kibi Shikoku 88 Sacred Sites

The Kibi-ji temple is the 菩提所 of the right Minister Kibitabi.

Principal image Yakushi-Nyorai is reportedly the work of the group Bodhisattva.

According to the temple’s biography, it has been told that it was founded by Kibitabi
The building at that time (133 years) was burnt in the war of Ashikaga Naoyoshi Higashi Conquest
The details are unknown.

But by the style of existing old tiles and cornerstones,
It is clear that the Nara period was founded.

Lotus Flower roof tile, 4 leaves Hashana bunbun, round tile, Haneda Buna Hotel Flat Tile
There are important cultural properties of the Hakuho era.

Until the early Edo period, it was named Maszo-ji.
Genroku for a long time to honor the local greats of Okada Lord Ito Nagada
It came to be called a Kibi temple by the life.

[Tereishi Stone Mark]

In front of the free parking lot of the temple,
The shop called Bamboo shoots Chaya had been opened.

[Maki-Bi Memorial Museum]

There is also a memorial hall in front of the parking lot,
He is a scholar of the Nara period and a right minister, and praise the achievement of Kibitabi
I hear that you will learn the figures and history of Mabei.

I did not go to pay for it, but it was free. (^ ^;


Temple Gate

It is a splendid gate, but
Eaves ride upstairs and feel fragile. (^ ^;

There was such a thing under the temple gate.

If you want, please feel free to
No one wants it truly. Lol

Stone Buddha

This is another stone Buddha.

It seems to have a microphone in the left hand. Lol



Main Hall

[Stone lantern]


[Maki-Bi Park]

The park was built to commemorate the establishment of the monument of Kibitbei in Xi’an, China.

The atmosphere of the Chinese style drifts really.

【 Rokkaku-Tei 】

[Red Seal]


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