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Kiyomizu-dera Temple (on August 2, 2015)

Kiyomizu-dera Temple (on August 2, 2015)

A very large number of tourists go to Kiyomizu-dera temple in Kyoto.

This time I visited the Red Seal of Honen and the landlord shrine for worship.

If you want to park in the parking lot of Gojo-Zaka, it is full,
As usual, I parked in the parking lot of Kodaiji.

On August 16, 2013, visit >

It is a visit for about one year.

One piece of classic for the time being. Lol


There are still a lot of Chinese. Lol

[West Gate]

[Jizo-in Zenkoji temple]

It is a temple of Luoyang,
The tourists will continue to be sad.

We have such a splendid Buddha.

[Head shaking Jizo]

This Jizo is away from the body and face,
It seems to be good to lift it and to turn it.

But, by all means, I remember Damien, The Omen,
I couldn’t do such a terrible thing. (^ ^;


【 Research 】

You can visit the womb at 100 yen in the main hall of the tower.

【 Nakheung-Dou 】

Nakamoki founder Onishi, the top of the cemetery.

In 1914, the priest of Nara, Kofuku-ji and concurrent positions in Kiyomizu-dera,
For about 70 years, he worked for the priest of Kiyomizu Temple, and by the Uechi decree and Hai Shac of the Meiji era,
It seems to have been revived in the present form the Kiyomizu-dera temple which had faded.

【 Kasuga-sha 】

Important Cultural Property.

I’ve missed you until now.


[Triple Tower]

It was founded in 847 in the early Heian period and was rebuilt in Kan’ei (1632).

[West Gate]


Kan’ei is an important cultural property in the reconstruction of 10 years.

It seems to get inside today.

There is no one cut through the sutra,
Three Buddha statues and other Buddhas were enshrined.

It is sumi of the painter and Okamura Nobuki of the Edo period like the Zen
A circle Dragon was drawn.

For some reason, something like an art exhibition.

It was good to put it in the Domi.

【 Tamura-Dou 】

Founder is important Cultural property.

The statue of Mr. and Mrs. Sakanoue no Tamuramaro (Important Cultural property) of Kiyomizu Temple
The line of Kiyomizu-dera Kaiki is enshrined in the Eizan and founder of the people.


Now, it’s finally to the stage of Shimizu.


There are quite a lot of temples that mimic the stage of Shimizu in Japan,
There is no stage where the enemy is still here.

Zoom up a bit.

It is a Koyasu tower to see over there.

The bottom of the view is Otowa Taki.


The statue of Buddha Sanson is enshrined.

Important Cultural Property.


Main Hall

National treasure.

No longer explanation required.

The main hall and the triple tower are wished from around the Koyasu tower.

There are few tourists who visit this area.

【 Koyasu Tower 】

The current building is in the ninth year (1500).
It was built in front of the left hand of Deva until the end of the Meiji era.

I thought it was a young tower.
It was restored in 2013.

Important Cultural Property.

[Tai-ji Temple]

It is a temple of Luoyang.

The Bodhisattva is enshrined the ten-sided Sentekannon,
I did not see it all in Zushi. Weep


[Otowa no Taki]

Still a matrix.

I have never lined up for shame. (^ ^;


After all Japan is the one.

[Ten single Stone Pagoda]

It is unusual with a single line.


[Triple Tower]


[Red Seal]

It was in the waterfall in front of Otowa Taki.

The Red seal of Honen-men.

The Red Seal of the West Country.

Kiyomizu-dera Temple is also the face of Kyoto.
It was the king of Kyoto.<!–


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