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Koyasan Podium Cathedral (worship on May 6, 2015)

Koyasan Podium Cathedral (worship on May 6, 2015)

After the Kongo-mine temple, we naturally cathedral to the podium.

I’m looking forward to seeing the most favorite west tower in Koyasan,
I look forward to the newly built central gate.

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May 4, 2014 visit >

Middle Gate

Since the Great fire of the Tenpo 14 (1843), where most of the stage cathedral buildings were burnt
The central gate, which was not rebuilt but only the cornerstone, was rebuilt Buri 172.


The image of the two statues of Zochotian and Hirometian
Mr. Akiyoshi Matsumoto is a modern Buddha.

It was rescued when the central gate was burnt down in the 14th year of the Tenpo (1843)
This is a newly restored one.


Kondo entrance.
Although the Secret Buddha’s Yakushi-Nyorai was first published in the book,
It was a newly built in Showa 9, and was still a young Buddhist image.

I might be offended when I write such a thing,
Do you really have a soul? I was about to feel the question.

Of course, it was forbidden to shoot.

[Nemoto Daitou]

The bad habit I wry smile when I saw it last time was gone.
There was a thing that someone had set up a change in the stage of the Suyajo.

It was really good.


【 Sanno Hospital 】

Important Cultural Property.

It is not bitter.


The current shrine is an important cultural property in the reconstruction of the three years of sentence Roku (1594).

West Tower

The current tower was rebuilt in the fifth year of the Tenpo (1834).

I like the west tower seen from here.
It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the favorite multi-treasure tower in the world.

I was satisfied.

[Peacock Hall, associate attained Dou, Goeidou]

【 Aizen-Dou 】

【 Great Hall 】

The temple was rebuilt in 1848.
The principal image is Amida-Nyorai, a Buddhist bodhisattva, and the Bodhisattva is enshrined.

【 Sanzandou 】

The temple was erected in the seven years (929 years) of the dais Lord (870-942),
It was originally present in the precincts of the Soyuan.
Because he had performed the ceremony called “The Sense of elegance” in this temple,
It came to be called a Sanzandou.

【 East Tower 】


National treasure.




[Zenwoman Ryuwang Sha]

[Red Seal]

Today was a long line.
It is a surprise to be lined up in the red seal place of the podium cathedral.

It has been lined up for more than 30 minutes after all. (^ ^;<!–


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