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Koyasan Sacred Treasure Hall (May 6, 2015)

Koyasan Sacred Treasure Hall (May 6, 2015)

One of the reasons for visiting Koyasan is to visit the Spiritual Treasure Museum.

What was there, uh,
As a special release for the period of open creation
You can see the three great treasures of Koyasan and the Ming Dynasty peacock statue.

[Sacred Treasure Hall]

Spring leaves are beautiful.

Immediately entry.

First of all, to the room which should be said between the good Kei.

It entranced to the transcendence technique of Buddha such as the four statues.
It’s really too much.

It was already able to take the original of the admission enough. (^ ^

[Peacock Ming Dynasty statue]

And this is the statue of Ming Dynasty peacock.

What a divine thing.

There are few Peacock Ming dynasty statues in Japan.
The splendor is unbeatable.

It was worth coming all the way to Koyasan.
(The image is what I picked up on the net.) )

[Three major treasures of Koyasan]

Deaf 瞽, Gold Copper, Sanko, and niche.

Especially, the transcendence technique of the niche Buddha was awesome.
(The image was transferred to the brochure)

[Hachidai Doji statue]

A national treasure of luck.

There is a treasure, and growl one
I personally don’t like it.
(The image was transferred to the brochure)

[Red Seal]

The Koyasan Sacred Treasure Pavilion is indeed.

It became the fertilize of the treasure and a lot of heavy sentences eyes. (^ ^<!–


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