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Koyasan Tokyo Betsuin (worship on October 4, 2018)

Koyasan Tokyo Betsuin (worship on October 4, 2018)

Today, I went to Tokyo because I have training at Shinagawa Head office.

The training is fortunately from noon.
I want to go early and shrines a shrine.

But there is no shrines shrine in the vicinity of Shinagawa Station,
I’ve expanded the range and checked
When I visited Sengakuji temple a while ago,
I decided to visit Mt. Koyasan Tokyo Betsuin which I had missed completely.

Address: 3-15-18 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Sect: Shingon Sect Koyasan
Principal Image: Hirohodaishi
Year of founding: Nobuharu (1673)
Temple: 88 Locations in Sacred sites, Kanto 88 locations Sacred sites, Edo 33 places sacred Sites

The temple is the betsuin of the high mountains Shingon sect Souzan Kongo-ji Temple.

Keicho years, it is opened as a sentinel of the Jian of the science of the Treasure Gate and Kotobuki Gate of Koyasan,
(1673) Koyasan Edo was erected as Koya-ji temple.

Negotiations between the Shogunate and general
I was responsible for the tactile head that reached the Shingon temple in Japan.

From Koyasan to attendance at the executive who take turns, the dojo of Osamu Jian Manabu,
It played an important role as a place of the practice of the Daishi faith.

In accordance with the abolition of the office in the Meiji era,
Redeemer the name of Nagoshi-ji of Katsushika Ushijima and inherited the temple Redeemer.
Showa 2 (1927) was renamed Takano-Yama Tokyo Betsuin.

[Gassho worship entrance Gate]

Take a bus from Shinagawa station to Tokyo Betsuin.

The bus stop is near the mountain gate and is very helpful. (^ ^

[Training Daishi]

First of all, greetings to Mr. Daishi.

[Shikoku 88 mini Sacred sites]


The atmosphere around here is good.

But there are many monthly parking cars parked in the precincts,
Only concrete, the overall atmosphere is not very nice.

[Ten Mie Stone Tower]

[Ming Shrine]


【 Henshoin-Dono 】

The main hall was rebuilt in 1988.

This is a splendid main hall which does not live up to the name of Tokyo Betsuin.

I am glad that I can enter the temple and pray for free.

Mixed blessing or mixed blessing.

【 Terasa Office 】

Various memorial service are performed, and there is the sutra-taking classroom and the tea room.

【 Belfry 】

[Red Seal]

Basically, if you do not request it, you will be a Kobo Daishi.
You can also choose the red Seal of the sacred Kannon Bodhisattva of the principal image.

After that, I went to visit the East Zen temple nearby.
The temple cannot be discovered and the visit is abandoned.

It looks like I could have gone to the side of the narrow alley.
I still think that road will not advance. (^ ^;

This was completely out of research.

This is the end of today’s visit.

Koyasan Konamine Temple is an important temple for me.
I was happy to visit the Tokyo Betsuin.

I wanted to go home, but I want to study. (^ ^<!–


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