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Last day of October weekend at CAFE BISCOTTI… (second time)

Last day of October weekend at CAFE BISCOTTI… (second time)

Good evening, everyone! Today was the last day of three consecutive holidays and the weather was good, so I went to Akihabara.
On the way back, I stopped off at Otsuka station on the JR Yamanote Line.
This is to go to the CAFE BISCOTTI (biscotti) that I went to the day before.
This is the first CAFÉ I went to, but I decided to go with aimlessly because it is a strange shop that makes me want to go again.
I walked from Otsuka station in the town of the dusk slowly.
I arrived at the BISCOTTI(biscotti) of the destination in about 7 minutes on foot.

While it was dark, I stood at the shop so that I could get a warm light in my eyes.

I thought that the shop which looked simple in the last time seemed to be different in a warm illumination at night.

The plate of the shop was a good feeling in the condition of the illumination.

And open the door, the clerk ( cast ) with a smile “Welcome!” He said to me.

One customer in the store (?? It was very relaxing.
I sat at the table next to the seat which was sitting the day before.
I thought about the menu which had been put on the table while looking at.
During that time, the clerk ( cast and later cast and expression ) brought a towel and water.
Today’s cast was Mr.Shiho .
It was a very beautiful cast with a small face, short bob hairstyle of black hair.
The ATMO was calm and quiet.
I ordered hot coffee and cheese cake.
It was a cheesecake that was decorated casually with coffee and a square dish which entered the mug that came to be carried after a while.
The coffee was in a bigger cup than I had expected, so I was happy with the amount.

I enlarged the cake plate and tried to take it.

The inside of the shop was quiet more than the day before, and it was a space of good feeling that only BGM flowed.

I thought that it was possible to read and study slowly here.
The book is not a place to study even if it is good, but I do not have anything to do…
I looked at the portraits on the wall that I watched the day before, but I was looking at the works that are drawing out the expression and charm of the model.
I did not see the work at the back of the store, and thought that it was good to appreciate it, and saw it only in distance without appreciating it.
It was not possible to walk around in the shop by the rule in the Maid Café in Akihabara because it was stained and it was not able to wander.
I regret that I should have seen more of this exhibition until today and later on Twitter.
The model and other models of the marshmallow Photo meeting to run the shop was the work of the subject, but I was only fascinated by the work of amateur I do not know how to appreciate and knowledge of photography.
I think that it is good to be able to see casually in the CAFÉ though the work of the amateur cameraman is not able to be seen usually easily.
There is another exhibition in the near future, so I look forward to the next visit.
The quiet space was continued without the person who came to the store even if it had passed for one hour though it was relaxing in the shop.
I ordered an additional drink as it is too wasteful to go home.
I ordered iced tea.
I tried to search the map on the smartphone thinking that I would like to go home and walk to Ikebukuro station rather than the return to Otsuka station to spend leisurely in such a calm space.
I found that I could walk unexpectedly near when I saw it on a map.
Next time, I thought that I would come to the store from Ikebukuro Station.
I stayed for about an hour and a half and went out of the shop, but this time, I wanted to come back to work and watch the wonderful work while drinking sake in the weekend.


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