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Last Saturday in September, in Akihabara’s maid Cafe “Melty Plant”…

Last Saturday in September, in Akihabara’s maid Cafe “Melty Plant”…

Good evening, everyone. In the last article, I introduced the birthday event of the maid Cafe Aqua Princess .
I went to the “Melty plant” of the Maid Café which I visited afterwards, so I will write about it.

If you would like to learn more about the melty plant , please read the past article below.

I am writing a system explanation.
(Past articles)

I went to the shop and was guided by the maid’s vacant favorite seat, and sat at the table seat.

The order is Marco Polo of the tea as usual.

I am glad that I can drink the brand which I love.
The maid who was serving was Ayano -san, A-san, and Mr . and Rinsan .
Ayano , Mr. and Mr. , because it was the waiter wearing the maid clothes of the long skirt, it was an eye-luck for me who liked the maid clothes of the long skirt.
Rin- San was a maid of the beautiful style that was good for the first time in a black short-made clothes, but I met you.
I talked with Mr . Gently, but I was about to be a little nervous here is polite and always talk. I was hung the back like a cute stuffed animal like changing the waiter back.
I had a stylish black ribbon tied to my hair.
I ordered a cheki and took it because the maid clothes of a long skirt became it always.
There is a waiting time because tea is necessary to boil water and to steam.
The next time I came to talk, I took a cheki because I often come to the store when I wear the maid clothes of the long skirt in the Ayano ‘s.
I took two shots this time.
Ayano is also a good song in the Maid who is also live activity, I listened to the net delivery the other day I was fascinated to hear.
When you are serving, you always talk with a smile.
Because tea had been carried, I tasted it immediately.

While sipping a cup of tea, Mr . And I had a drawing at Cheki.
It is wearing a maid cap, and this is a set of a complete maid clothes.

And, Mr. Ayano also did the drawing.

The long blue skirt looked good.
The maid clothes of the melty plant are not commercially available in the original and others cannot be seen.

Ayano is supposed to hold a birthday event on Saturday, October 13 together with the maid.
Both of them seemed to be nervous and anxious about the first individual event at the same age.
At the birthday event, he said that he wanted to do a champagne tower , and this is what I wanted to do with the champagne that was reserved by the master and the young lady who participated, not alone.
The goal was to have ten thousand yen per bottle, so I also made a reservation.
I feel the willingness of the two to prepare a very good champagne benefits.
Then, the Rin- San came to talk, and because the maid clothes of the short skirt became very suited, I ordered cheki.
The style is very good with the layer’s, and I ordered it impulsively because the smile was a wonderful maid. (^ ^;)
I tried to take a look from the top well to decide the pose is just the layer’s.

I was allowed to talk at the time of the drawing of Cheki, but it was very easy to talk and talked in a variety of topics.

The shop was relaxed at the end of the weekend, and it became a situation of only me and another visitor at one o’clock. I can talk with the maids slowly at such time, so the feeling of happiness is full.
The maid will come and talk to you, so you can spend a good time.

This will extend the scheduled time.
At the melty plant , the maid will “extend” every hour. Because it confirms it, it is not that time passed when noticing it because it is not an automatic extension system like other stores.
I usually only stay for about an hour at the store in Akihabara, but at Melty plant, I stay for more than two hours.
So I ordered coffee.

While I was tasting coffee , when I met her before, I thought that it was a maid clothes of a short skirt, but it became beautiful that the impression was different from Mr . In a long skirt appearance.

After staying for two hours, I got a badge with an illustration of a shop that I could get a badge for when my account was over 3000 yen.
In the end, I got a good thing and went out of the shop feeling well.
It is always happy that the maids come to see me off to the door and send them out with a smile.

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