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Lotus Sutra Teroku-In (worship on February 17, 2018)

Lotus Sutra Teroku-In (worship on February 17, 2018)

Then, go to Oku-no-in.

It is in the mountain in the depths of Osaka’s Hinhasune temple.
It’s pretty tough,
There seems to be no hardship in a residential area in the Oku-in of this place. (^ ^


There is a splendid ginkgo tree in the place where one road is separated behind the EMA ADO.

Stone Pillar

The person who was strict usually disowned the person at the top of the day who was late for memorial service.
15 years later, in contact with the report of daily upper person critical, it is not granted that asked for visitation,
Pray for the recovery of the upper person under this ginkgo.

However, it is said that the upper person making and crying by wrapping the small sleeve of the artifact on the neck.

This big tree seems to have got the name of the Gingko crying by that.


A little tree is disturbing, but
The five-storey pagoda seen from here is also good. (^ ^

Now, do you walk to Oku-no-in?

We arrived in about five minutes.

If you follow the mark, you will not be lost.

Address: 2-21-1 Wakamiya, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba
Sect: Hihasune
Principal Image: The ten-world mandala, Nichiren Saints
Founded: Bunto (1260)
Kaiki: Nichiren Saints
Founder: Daily Saints
Temple: Seven Lucky Gods Ichikawa


[Precincts entrance]

There is no temple gate.

【 Nichiren Kamito: The spirit of the first Falun

[Daily Saints]

Main Hall

The main hall of the Oku-no-dull is a shrine.
The main hall of this place is a splendid one only because it is indeed large motoyama.

I will go up to the main hall immediately.

The inner team is more splendid than expected.

Worship was worth it. (^ ^



There was a regular temple in the Temple of daily life
Because it was in the place of the graveyard, the photograph is not taken.

[The title Book]

It is not only one of the problems that came to visit the Daimotoyama of Hinhasune
Because I felt lonely somehow, I bought the title book.

It was a normal small size.

Hospital The Lotus Sutra temple if this were you,
I regret a little that I should have bought a new title book. (^ ^;

The title fee was another thousand yen.

[The title]

I received the long-awaited title. (^ ^

Lotus Sutra-ji Temple, in the Oku-no-in-hospital, because the Red seal is Shikano system,
I paid 500 yen.

The red seal is 300 yen, but the price is
Because I think that the person who writes is also serious, I pay 500 yen.

In Oku-no-in, you can also have the red seal of the Benzaiten woman.<!–


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