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Luxury Inn “Hotel Crescent” at a reasonable price ~ Restaurant “Crescent-tei” at Katsuura Underwater Observatory @ Katsuura, Chiba

Luxury Inn “Hotel Crescent” at a reasonable price ~ Restaurant “Crescent-tei” at Katsuura Underwater Observatory @ Katsuura, Chiba

♪ A lot of leisurely
♪ Every time I go ~ ~ ~
♪ At the Hotel

… The CM of the upscale inn which flows well on the TV
Everyone should have heard about it once…

But, well, it’s a place I don’t have any relation to.
An upscale lodging that costs around 15,000 yen per person per night
I can not stay for a lifetime without resourcefullness (-_-;)
The price is limited.

But I’m worried about cooking!
The crescent is also selling food, how about it??

If you are interested,
The Katsuura in Chiba
There is a restaurant which the Crescent Group is putting out (^^)

The second floor of the entrance of the Sea observatory of Katsuura,
Restaurant directly operated by Hotel Crescent
“Crescent-Tei” is included.

It was four years ago that we ate.
I went to katsuura the other day and was active.


Hotel in the world since you’re calling out the crescent,
I can’t do a humpa thing.

But because it is the center at lunch time,
I can’t even set the price too bullish…

Under such conflicting conditions, it has put out a splendid sense of luxury.

The sashimi set up is 1,300 yen, and a little price hike,
It’s pretty reasonable for this group.


Oh, by the way, “Mr. Grilled” is another charge…

I have more than 1,000 yen per person in a meal
Although avoided as much as possible,
Compared to a lot of road stations around Minamiboso City
Because this price is quite advantageous in this content,
I dare to post.

Compared to the restaurant of the market directly, but there is no great hit
There is no outside, the quality is quite high
Price AB class, the contents are class A!!

There is also a museum here.
The underwater observatory costs nearly 1,000 yen,
The museum is 200 yen.

However, the parking lot takes 200 yen for two hours, so be careful.

The underwater observatory has a discount coupon at the station on the way so it might be good to use it…

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