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Minamoto-no-ji Temple (worship on December 13, 2015)

Minamoto-no-ji Temple (worship on December 13, 2015)

The temple is a few minutes ‘ walk from the temple.
It is one of the temple of the twenty-five spirits of Honen.

Address: 745, Seemachi-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto
Sect: Jodoshu
Principal Image: Enemitsu Daishi
Founded: Kenku 6 years (1195)
Kaiki: Shinobu Sora kamipeople
Founder: Honen People
Zhongxing Year: Keicho 17 (1612)
Nakoki: Hata Voluntary
The temple: The Five Spirits of Honen

The temple is in the village of Kihatata in old times.
Kimiidera’s Sando, among Amusements’s apprentice, was an empty-top man’s Kusan.

The man in the sky is deeply in the morality of the person
Especially, it was made to believe in the doctrine of the Pure Land and to be specialized.

When he was 63 years old, he welcomed people to this land and edified them.
People beg for farewell to the Honen people and not to leave a shadow.
The person who was able to be felt the wish had it in the transcription of the law gate and the legal word several times
It was awarded to the person who made the “shadow image of Zhang Pierce” and this was Shinobu sky.

On the keicho of the Edo period, the person who voluntarily
It is Shika the land remote too though it has been worshipped the images of the honen person.
It was requested that it be moved to the present ground now.

The rejoice, too, is donated in the Momoyama Castle.
The foundation of the specialty dojo of the Nembutsu Hiromichi has been established here long.

Therefore, it is a margin which is called the Houshizan Honen-in source empty temple.

Temple Gate

There were about six free parking lots.

This is the gate that changed again.

This mountain Gate relocated a part of the building in the castle of Fushimi, which became a castle in 1623,
It seems to be the one that the gate wind.

【 Asahi Daikokuten 】

It was transferred from the Tatsumi Tower of Fushimi Castle by Tokugawa Iemitsu.

[Immediately 16 gilt jizo son Aizen Ming Dynasty]

Also transferred from the Tatsumi Tower.


Main Hall

When you usually visit, you need a reservation,
I asked for the Red Seal and put it in the main hall.

It is a good place that the temple of Honen people can be raised to the main hall anywhere.
But today was different.

There were about 20 people in mourning in the Doudo,
The priest has been sutra chanting.

It seems to be memorial service the anniversary.

Even if you put it in the main hall at such time,
It’s the worst of the cozy. (^ ^;

It is needless to say that I left early.

【 Ten Mie Tower 】

【 Inari-sha 】

[Red Seal]

Phew, it was really amazing today.

The temple is going up to the main hall.
I always say, it is different when memorial service.

Imagine that there is a person out of place in the midst of memorial service.

It it riots painful. Wry smile<!–


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