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Ming Dynasty Temple (worship on November 5, 2017)

Ming Dynasty Temple (worship on November 5, 2017)

Well, the pilgrimage of Shodoshima which was long is finally last.

While it is in the same precinct as the 36th Shakado
It is Oji Akira who has become the 37th place.

Or rather, Shakado is one of the temples of Ming Dynasty temple.

Address: 4305 Ikeda, Shodoshima-cho, Azuki-gun, Kagawa
Sect: Shingon Sect
Principal Image: Ming Dynasty Fudo
Founded: Unknown
Founder: Unknown
Fusatin: 88 Shodoshima Sacred Sites
Number 36, 37

Stone steps

Main Hall

I sold everything to the outside.

I bought a special redmark book in the Mail order,
It sells it to the temple and the first beating of the Fusatan.

[Ming Dynasty Fudo]

The principal image was enshrined in the Zushi and the forestanding was in the secret Buddha.

According to the biography of the Temple, it is
There is a legend that the bodhisattva was carved.

Well, for the sake of the foil, the Hirohoudaishi and the group Bodhisattva
It is a creation that the people of posterity began to say.

【 Kantoru 】

【 Bishamon-Dou 】

Bishamonten was enshrined.

[Training Daishi]

[Popa Kannon]

[Red Seal]

There was a red seal of two bodies here.

All up in this.

Let’s head to the ferry pier.

[Sakat Bay]

We arrived at Sakat port where the Jumbo Ferry pier is located.

I thought that I eat in the rice because there was time.
There are only a few shops nearby.
Moreover, it is closed and I am at a loss.

It is unexpected that there is no shop to eat in Sakate port where the biggest ferry stops.

There was a shop selling souvenirs, but there is no demand for products that can be bought anywhere.

I should have bought bread at the convenience store at least. (^ ^;

[Patrol boat Kiyoha Suki]

Anyway, time is crushed at the port.

[Star Anger]

It is.

The same author as the monster of the beauty well shrine.

Small Fry

Because time came, it boarded.

Farewell to Shodoshima Island.

I’ll be back some day.


Night view

Arrived at Kobe Port.

You tired yourself. (^ ^<!–


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