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Moderate Nan Octopus in the second half? Anime “Magic book to start from zero” Review!

Moderate Nan Octopus in the second half? Anime “Magic book to start from zero” Review!



Moderate Nan Octopus in the second half? Anime “Magic book to start from zero” Review!



ゼロから始める魔法の書 Blu-ray BOX1

Broadcast time April 2017-June 2017
Original They run a tiger
Official site Http://


Hero who is the figure of half beast people called “Beast Fallen”.
He was pursued by the witch on that day as a living mercenary. The “Beast fell” neck is prized by witches as offerings of witchcraft.
But he can be helped by another witch, zero.
It is said that she is traveling looking for the book which is the original of the magic that the Power “magic” that the witch had remembered before one is a person who created this.


Rating Points: 68 ★ ★☆ ☆ (Shing)


※ Does not include spoilers


His style is traditional fantasy.

The first thing I feel when I look at it is the scent of nostalgic Orthodox fantasy.

Anyway, there is no flatter element in this work.
The trend of the age, the advancement of the technology, and the fashion of the street are developing a traditional fantasy that taien as if it is not important in this work.
The atmosphere, if anything, “slayers” rather than “guardian of the Spirit” or “Laputa Castle in the sky” or feel that close. (Image only)
Perhaps the biggest reason is the setting of the hero, but anyway, this “flatter fantasy” feeling was very impressed.

Because of the sense of adult fantasy that was completed, “Big adventure that starts from now” is thin elements.
Because the main character is a half beast person, Icha love expectation feeling of the heroine’s Lori Child is also thin.
But what happened?
What we enjoy is a purely pure fantasy that is highly accomplished.

…… I thought, and the fact that I can enjoy the beginning.


Apparently broke down the story of the second half

To put it clearly, the story of the second half is immediate.

In the first place, this work is poor in the method to make viewers aware of what is important.
Therefore, it seems that all the expansions are abrupt and crazy.
The elimination of foreshadowing is also somewhat assertive, even after the viewing completion, some elements still “? It is not an interesting development enough to look back again though it remains.

“I made a story by force to settle the story,” the feeling is vivid.


However, this discomfort is a problem that has been scattered from the beginning.
Somehow, “the explanation is fatal and bad”.
This plot is not a level (not a fun level) that no one has put the scrutiny, the information you need is not available to the viewer…… Or, the impression is weak.


Terrific while having heavy themes…

My personal disappointment was that I didn’t cut out the theme I was dealing with.

It is a terrific heavy theme that this work deals with “contention of witches and man”.
However, the weight of the theme and the heaviness of the story do not link at all.
It is not trivial, but is the dimension of “hmm” consciously of the viewer?


I think that this is because the one like “tightness feeling” as the witch side is not described at all through the story.
The Gentle Witch and the warm time, the story of the sad frustrating that it is deprived, is definitively missing in this volume.
I think it was the story of “Sorena” that is inserted early to play the role originally, but it ends only by being portrayed as a fact indifferently, and does not lead to instill “sympathy for the Witch” to the viewer.
I think that this is a decisive element that this work is not able to make well.

This work does not reach the region though it is thought that it is necessary to draw “ugliness and beauty of man” as a bipolar if it treats this theme.
I do not say that the workmanship is bad eyes, and from beginning to end of the general animation work, it will not be able to draw out the sign of masterpiece and good work.


The view of the world was wonderful, and there was a base which could be masterpiece.
However, the point that the story is not cut alive by the wonderful soil is a work regrettable.

However, if you think that interest in the original may be Ali W
I want to read the original, too w


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