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My dumplings Bunch

My dumplings Bunch


This day I feel like noodles! I went to [my dumplings bunch] ◎

It is a specialty shop of delicious dumplings and the supporting noodle!



There are a few parking spaces in front of the store.

In, enter the store!


There are counter and table seats in the store, so the family took a stand for the weekend.

Here is the menu.



It is a simple menu structure that seems to be a specialty shop!

The set menu looks great!

It seems to be able to choose the spicy of loading noodles.


And order here by that ◎


Dumplings Deluxe (990 yen)


It is a set of the noodles, my dumplings (3 pieces)!

I was able to choose from rice and the chase rice, choice of chasing rice!



The good smell of the noodles will stimulate your appetite!

So, from the soup…



The soup I asked for in the middle of spicy is just as spicy as it is.

There is also a flavor of sesame and delicious rich!



Your Is it a flat noodle?

Soup is intertwined with mochi

Delicious ♪



Then, let’s have dumplings!

This “my dumplings” seems to be bigger than the usual dumplings.

Certainly big!



When I bite, the hot gravy is overflowing from the inside ♪

Very juicy and delicious!

It is good that garlic and the leek are also quite effective!



In the end, we will have this chasing rice in the soup of the noodles.

Well, it is definitely delicious!

It is an end meal without the ground that is in the soup.



The noodles and the dumplings were delicious, and the Cospa was able to be satisfied considerably well.

Dumplings can also be a smell, so it is safe for those who care!


Also with the line.


My dumplings Bunch
● Address
6 15-5-8 Maeda, Teine-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Business Hours

11:30 ~ 21:30 (LO.21:00)
● Telephone
● Regular holiday

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