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New Prefecture Castle [part] to the Honmaru traces, you should climb several hundred steps straight steps.

New Prefecture Castle [part] to the Honmaru traces, you should climb several hundred steps straight steps.

The new Prefecture Castle is a newly-construction yamashiro that leaves the Shingen-era Azalea Agasaki-kan (Azalea) to prepare for the invasion of ODA and Tokugawa after Shingen Takeda’s death. One side of the castle is guarded by a cliff called Shichiri Rock, and it is said that the stone wall is the culmination of the Takeda-Ryu castle which piled up the base and the moat without using it. The construction of the castle town of the one that had been built in 1581 was not in time, and Katsuyori abandoned the new prefecture Castle which had just been able to be made before the invasion of Mr. ODA in 1582 the next day.

新府城Basic Data >
Name: New Prefecture Castle (aka Nirasaki Castle)
● Location: Nirasaki-shi, Yamanashi ( map )
● Main building: Katsuyori Takeda
-Castle: 1581
-Remains: Melody, earth Base, Sorabori
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shinpu-4051The new Prefecture Castle Walk starts from a small parking lot in the northeast part of Shiroyama. New Prefecture castle ruins seen from the parking lot. At that time, the other side of the mountain was a mountainous part guarded by the cliff which was called “Shichiriiwa Rock” at that moment although it was still koyama.

shinpu-4052Before heading to the castle ruins, we found an explanatory board intensified to the north of the moat. The site is a place like the overhanging Guo protruding in the moat, where the enemy who came along the moat on the north side to pick it up from here. It seems to be the place where “East departure” of the map on the left is now difficult to see. It is said that it separates the moat, and there is a West site also over 100m.

shinpu-4053The tree in the center is growing, but the “Higashi-no-eki” was raised. It is written in a small-hyochu. The meadow other than the site is an original moat. The moat marks of the new prefecture Castle seem to have been almost reclaimed except for some.

shinpu-4055Let’s walk to the sign that was written “New Prefecture castle ruins →”. You have to walk along the road where there are few sidewalks. Pay attention to the car that bends the curve.

shinpu-4056They walk on the roadway The left side is a pond, perhaps a part of the moat at the time.

shinpu-4057There was an entrance to the castle ruins of New Prefecture when coming right under the Honmaru. The stone monument on the right is a landmark.

shinpu-4059a-4174This is the entrance to the new prefecture castle ruins. There is a way to go up from the vicinity of the main gate of the south side, and it goes out of this steep stone steps on the way back when doing so, and it goes out to the new prefecture castle ruins by this stone steps (direct connection Honmaru) and the road which rises from a leading side of the southern part. I decided to do it in reverse order by Mr. Guide’s recommendation.

shinpu-4060A splendid historical monument The stone steps are the approach of a shrine located in the new Prefecture castle ruins, but not counting hundreds of steps. About a third of the torii that is visible above.

shinpu-4061The new Prefecture Castle ruins explanation board and the rope-clad figure which stood beside the stone monument. The new prefecture is a new Fuchu (Fuchu is a central city in the former country of the time. It is said that it tries to make the castle newly here, and move the Takeda Army this corps, and named a new prefecture though the Azalea Agasaki Pavilion which was in Kofu (Fuchu in Kai) was made a house in the meaning that it is said in the prefecture. The magistrate is Masayuki Sanada (the father of Yukimura). After the destruction of the Takeda family, Ieyasu, who had ventured into Koshu, said he had attacked Hojo in his base.

shinpu-4062They go up the stone steps A splendid Torii in the place which rose about 1/3 of the whole is the one of Fujitake Inari Shrine which stands in Honmaru ruins. It is understood that there is a little flat ground between the next stone steps in the place with this torii according to the Nahari figure like the belt tune Ring.

shinpu-4063Next to the Torii, the approach (maiden slope) that can go up to the honmaru at a gradual angle through the band melody was built. Of course, such a climbing road is not the road at that time (including the stone steps earlier) but the one newly built as the approach in recent years.

shinpu-4065See the rest of the stairs from around the torii. There is a little rest space on the way, but it’s like two sets. They are ready to climb

shinpu-4069Rest area. The maiden slope ahead joins here, and it bends.

shinpu-4070There was a gate like masonry and a simple crossbar when the stone steps were raised to the end. Both of them were in later years.

shinpu-4072To Honmaru. There is a front shrine of the Inari shrine when going up from the stone steps. Let’s pray. The stone monument which looked sideways was unrelated to Mr. Takeda.

shinpu-4074Honmaru the new Prefecture Castle. There is no such thing as a building or a cornerstone, but there seems to be a construction of vast land and ground base. Let’s look in order.

> > New Prefecture Castle [Naka Hen] continues. < <

Date of Visit: July 2014
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