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Nisin-In (May 17, 2015)

Nisin-In (May 17, 2015)

The transcendence famous principal image to the worship in a long time.

It is about three and a half years of worship.

There was a free parking lot in front of the total gate.
Didn’t know. (^ ^;

On November 13, 2011, visit >

Address: 27, Saga-Saito-in temple, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
Sect: Tendai-shu
Principal Image: Buddha, Amida-Nyorai
Founded: Year (834-847)
Kaiki: Enjin Uhito
Imperial decree: Emperor Saga
The temple: The Five Spirits of Honen

Main gate

It is said that the main building is under construction at the reception.

It is hard not to come here and to worship the principal image.

However, it is going to visit because it is coming here.

[The traces of the Saishi-an]

[Baba of autumnal leaves]

It is good that green is thick here, too.

I want to visit when the autumn leaves,
I do not representations the energy to go to the large congestion is easily expected. (^ ^;

[The emperor’s hand-planted maple]

The trunk of the tree is thin and leaves are few.

Are you okay?

It is serious when let it die the tree that the emperor planted the hand. (^ ^;

Kuromon Ichiba

The fresh green is unbearable.

Main Hall

During the acclaimed construction.

Well, this is not a choice.

However, my knees fell down when I saw the building next door.

What kind of temple would you like?
This humble and simple provisional Hall!

Moreover, the principal image is a photograph or it cries.

I don’t know.
You must not take the admission fee.

Because this condition will continue until next autumn,
Please be careful of those who visit the temple.

[Kutou Ryuyu-Age Hall]


【 Belfry 】

Stone steps

There is a tomb on the top of the temple.
I didn’t climb it today.

【 Tsukiji Wall 】

【 Hachisha-gu 】

It was erected to seal the gate.


[Imperial Gate]


【 Tsukiji Wall 】


[Red Seal]


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