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No. 258: Katano Castle (medieval fortress remains well in urban area)

No. 258: Katano Castle (medieval fortress remains well in urban area)

Date of Visit: May, 2016

Katano CastleIs a castle in Katano city, Osaka Prefecture.
Because I am in the village,My Department CastleOften referred to as “Kijojo”, this call seems to have settled after the Edo period. Was Lord in 1570Near YasutoButOda NobunagaWill be confirmed as the power of theMiyoshi ThreesomeOf theHisahide MatsunagaHas been murdered. 1571Yasuto NobushiroIsHisahide MatsunagaAttack ofSakuma NobumoriAndKatsuto ShibataI have rejected the support of such.

交野城/02土塁  交野城/01土塁
Left: Katano Post Office nextEarthy
Right: On the southeast side of the Post Office RoadEarthyContinues.

交野城/03水  交野城/04西郭
Left: It is thought that it was a castle where the natural topography such as the river and the marsh belt was used well for the pond and the Heijo without the height difference in the vicinity of the soil base.
[Right] in the territory of the Ream Guo type that was lined up in turn east and west, this upland is the west SideSogawaIs.

交野城/05堀跡  交野城/06主郭
[Left] The biggest attraction is a huge cut off the west side of the melody and main GuoHorikiriIs.
It is upland now, but I keep the shape well.
RightMain GuoUpland, parking lot, and housing.

交野城/07三郭家側  交野城/08主郭
[Left] of the east side from the main GuoSogawaThe housing lot is progressing, and it is the extent to feel the remnant from the topography slightly.
Right: You can see the main part of the castle area. The rice field in the foregroundHoriCan be imagined.

交野城/09北側  交野城/10光通寺
[Left] This is a spectacle from the north side. A huge earlierHorikiriYou can see the other side of the.
Right: The temple is concentrated on the south side of the castle areaGwangju TempleIt is pointed out that it had the function of the inflection wheel because the vicinity (left side of the road) is a fine highland like the photograph, too. Place the temples around the castle areaA wheelA common pattern is to act as an example.

There are many ruins of the medieval Heijo in the center of the Katano city close to the station and the city hall, and there is only miraculous in a lot of castles which vanish in urban development.

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