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No. 259: Ota Castle (base of brotherhood dropped by water attack)

No. 259: Ota Castle (base of brotherhood dropped by water attack)

Date of Visit: May, 2016

Ota CastleIs a castle in Wakayama city, Wakayama Prefecture.
At the close of Wakayama station, Ota Castle has erased most of its appearance due to the modernization of the modern land.
HistoricallyBitin Takamatsu CastleAndShinobu CastleWithJapan three great water attacksBecause they can countHideyoshi HashibaIt is known as the castle which was defeated by the army’s water attack. The power of Kishu which reversed revolt in the process of unification of Hideyoshi will be destroyed one after another. The Brotherhood remnants of the ZogaOta Sakon MunimasaAs a general, Hideyoshi make an example Ota castle as a water-attack, and eventually brotherhood surrendered to the execution of the mastermind.

太田城/02来迎寺  太田城/01太田城石碑
[Left] Ota Castle is currentlyRaikōjiIn the vicinityHonmaruThere are and will be.
[Right] Raikōji of the Guide board and photoCastle Monument.

Wakayama History MuseumAn estimated figure that was in.
It is thought that it was a castle like the ring Moat Village where the moat and the soil base were built.

太田城/小山塚  太田城/大門付近
Left: On the north side of the RaikōjiKoyama MoundIs assumed to be a mound which buried the neck of the dead, but it seems to have moved the one which was originally in the place in the southeast further.
【 Right 】 Raikōji to about 250m northeastDaimonIt was said that there was a bridge of the old Daimon River and I think this neighborhood.

太田城/05大門用水  太田城/06出水堤
Left: The east side of the castle area flows to the south of the old Daimon River.OTA waterAppears.
This is where Hideyoshi pulled the water.Miyai RiverIt seems to be a part of.
[Right] this isIzumi TsutsumiIt is called, and the embankment that Hideyoshi made when the water attack was built. There is only this place left now.

太田城/07出水堤近景  太田城/08移築門
[Left] close shadow of the Izumi-Tsutsumi.
Right in the cityDaitaiji TempleThe Temple gate of Ota CastleDaimonIt is transmitted to the relocated.

It is buried in the city area, and it is said that the three great water attacks, but Ota Castle is the impression of Ichijo taste.
However, the traces of the water attack were left, and we went on to go.

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