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No. 260: Wakayama Castle (the castle of the Kii Tokugawa family)

No. 260: Wakayama Castle (the castle of the Kii Tokugawa family)

Date of Visit: May, 2016

Wakayama CastleIs a castle in Wakayama city, Wakayama Prefecture.
You know, General mob.Tokugawa YoshisectWas producedTokugawa MimihouseOne of the kill Tokugawa house 55 million stone castle.
Country Historic SitesIs specified inJapan 100 CastleIt has also been selected.
Originally, he flatfied Kishu in 1582.Hideyoshi ToyotomiThe real brother’sHideaga ToyotomiIt is a castle that I ordered and built. It is known as the master of the castle who was the retainer of the chief in those daysTodo TakoraWas involved in the castle as a magistrate.
The head of the strongholdYamato Koriyama CastleStables on, the retainer’sShigeharu KuwayamaWas entered as a Shiroshiro.
After the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600,Yukio Asano(Asano Fumi Yoshinaga) entered in 1619 with 37 million stonesTokugawa IeyasuIs a ten manTokugawa Yoriyoshi(From the Ogawa) was entered in 550,005 Sengoku, and it continued to the Meiji Restoration as the castle of the Tokugawa Mitsanoya which lined with Owari and mito thereafter. Although there were many buildings that remained even in the Meiji era, it is a very regrettable story that almost disappeared in the large air raids by the United States Army in 1945.

和歌山城/01一の橋  和歌山城/02大手門
Left Coming from JR Wakayama Station, it was a major muscle in the Edo period from the northeast side.One bridge.
RightKitaboriToOne bridgeIn the form of a cross-KoreanMajor Gate(Rebuilt in 1982).
Hideaga ToyotomiBe a retainer ofShigeharu KuwayamaThe age of the castle in the southOkaguchi GateWas a major gate, 1600Yukio AsanoThe major gate has been changed here in the age.

The inside is left from the part which corresponds to the inner moat of the entire Guide board and the East and south, and the park is maintained, and it is a place to worry about the efficiency to look around from where. For the Honmaru, look around the north-west Circle around the northeast leading gate and head towards the northwest.

和歌山城/03一中門  和歌山城/04伏虎像
Left: Let’s go through the big Gate a little. This masugata isIchien-Kadato
Right: One Ninomaru past the gateStatue of a tiger(The Fukko elephant).
With Wakayama CastleMount TigerThe tiger appears to be lying down from the sea.Futora Castle, Tora-Bushi CastleIs also called. It is the second generation made in Showa 34 instead of the first generation who had been contributed during the war by an alias image.

和歌山城/05御橋廊下  和歌山城/06西の丸
[Left] once, return outside the major gate and proceed to the north side along Kitabori is this classic spectacle.Mihashi HallwayIn the backTower。 The moat that divides the Ninomaru and the West circle into the insideNishiboriIt is called.
RightWest CircleWas a square, and there were some mysterious gymnastics meetings.

和歌山城/07わかやま歴史館  和歌山城/08吹上門
Left: On the northwest side of the castleWakayama History Museum。 It is good to enter from the history and the material of Wakayama Castle here.
Right: On the west side of the Wakayama History MuseumFukiage Kadato(Around the Torii).

和歌山城/09西外堀.  和歌山城/10西の丸庭園1
Left: On the west side of the > Fukiage KadatoWest Outer MoatThere are some left.
[Right] Now, it is also designated as a National scenic spot and enters the interior from the Wakayama Museum.West Round Garden (Koyo-kei Garden)。 It is a beautiful garden full of undulations using the topography of the Tiger Mountain in the garden of the Ikeizumi excursion ceremony that was maintained by the Tokugawa Yorunobu, the first lord of the Kishu Tokugawa family.

和歌山城/11廊下内部  和歌山城/12西の丸庭園2
Left: Cross the West round garden and NishiboriMihashi HallwayHas been restored and can be passed through.
[Right] It is a bridge to cross to the West Circle with a garden from the Ninomaru with the House of the Lord, and it is a very unusual structure with a roof hanging diagonally.

和歌山城/13穴蔵  和歌山城/14山吹渓
Left: On the Ninomaru side of the bridge over the Mihashi corridor.Anokura Ruins。 It was discovered in the excavation.
It is thought that the concrete use was not understood, and the furniture of the great back was put in an emergency.
[Right] south of the West Circle,Chicken Kei, Yamabuki-keiA place calledField loadingOfIshigakiIt is a dying spectacle to love the castle which continues.

和歌山城/15切手門  和歌山城/16二ノ丸
LeftStamp of the Temple。 Commonly found in Kishu and ShikokuGreen Mud schistThe stone wall is beautiful.
RightNinomaruWas a substantial center, with the agency, the Lord’s House, and the big depths.

和歌山城/17裏坂へ  和歌山城/18人型
[Left] from NinomaruBack slopeGo to Honmaru via.
[Right] This is the root of the person type to be a good story.

和歌山城/19裏坂  和歌山城/20銀名水
LeftBack slopeI will climb the spelled relented. The stone wall of the green mud schist is a beautiful part still.
[Right] in the middle of the back slopeSilver Ming Water。 Representing Wakayama castle with Kim Ming WaterWell marksIs.

和歌山城/21本丸御殿  和歌山城/22一の門
Left: The peak of the east side of the tower has become a water supply facility nowHonmaru Palace.
【 Right 】 head to TowerA temple

和歌山城/23天守郭  和歌山城/24天守入口
Left: It was rebuilt after the war because it was burnt in the air raidTowerBut a large tower, a small tower, and a tower are bridged respectively.Coalition type Tower。 This format isHimeji CastleIs famous, but it is good that appearance is complicated and shows various expressions.
【 Right 】 Tower entrance.

和歌山城/25天主正面  和歌山城/26眺望
LeftLarge TowerFront of.
[Right] view from tower.

和歌山城/27本丸御殿上から  和歌山城/28天守北面
Left: the aforementionedHonmaru PalaceFrom Tower.
[Right] I tried to wrap around the north side of the tower.A burial gate, In the backDry TowerIs.

和歌山城/29本丸表御門  和歌山城/30七福の庭
[Left] The return is going down to the south side. HereHonmaru table
Right: In the pine circleThe Garden of Shichifuku
It is the one that the boulders of the schist of the green mud are seven lucky gods, and it is made in Tokugawa Yorunobu period, and it is transmitted to the favor of Kato Kiyomasa who hits the father of the wife of

和歌山城/31表坂  和歌山城/32岡中門.
Left: on the south SideOmote-ZakaDown to the Ninomaru on the east side.
It might be called the front slope because it was originally a major in the castle and the south side.
RightOka, KadatoThe area of the South Circle is too masugata.

和歌山城/33松の丸隅櫓  和歌山城/34岡口門
LeftPine Circle Tower StandOfHigh stone wall
This stone wall is the one in the Edo period by the orderly cutting lespedeza of the granite.
Right: The architecture of the year 1621.Okaguchi GateIn the precious extant gate.Important Cultural PropertiesIs also specified.
It was a major gate here at the beginning of the castle.

和歌山城/35東堀  和歌山城/36時鐘堂
Left: Following from Okaguchi GateExisting soil wallAnd wideHigashibori
Right: On the south side of the castleThe time of the temple in Okayama.
1712Tokugawa YoshisectIn what was built upon the LordPrefectural Historic SitesIs specified.
The temple Bell has been transmitted that the cannon which had been held in the Toyotomi way in the summer of Osaka was made to recast.

和歌山城/37時鐘堂より  和歌山城/38南堀
[Left] When you look through the road from the Bell HallUnknown Kadato. The best in the castleHigh stone wallThere is a place.
Right in front of unknown gateSouthThe moat is an empty moat.

和歌山城/39不明門  和歌山城/40動物園
Left: The entrance to the parking lot is now.Unknown KadatoMasugata structure.
RightSouth CircleIsWakayama Park ZooIt has become.

和歌山城/41不明門高石垣  和歌山城/42護国神社
[Left] from the circle of the south of the Pine Circle and tower GuoIshigakiYou can see how it is built up and accumulated.
[Right] in the southwestern part aboveWakayama Goken Shrine

和歌山城/43刻印多い  和歌山城/44刻印
[Left] under the new back slopeIshigakiThere are manyStampedCan be confirmed.
Do you see the stamp on the right?

和歌山城/45追廻門  和歌山城/46北外堀
[Left] This is also a valuable existence gate.The gate.
It seems to have become a red painting to hit the direction of the back door in the rearm of the back entrance.
Right: Stay in the city centerNorth Outer Moat
KinokawaAndWaka RiverAt that time, the three-round sideEarthyWas built.

In the Tokugawa shogunate, the castle of the three houses was built and developed by Hideyoshi Toyotomi, the real brother Toyotomi.
And it is the famous castle of Kishu which is known for having produced the general mob.

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