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No. 261: Arai Castle (the land of Mr. Miura’s Ruin)

No. 261: Arai Castle (the land of Mr. Miura’s Ruin)

Date of Visit: May, 2016

New CastleIs a castle in Miura city, Kanagawa Prefecture.
This is a prestigious continuation from the Kamakura period, and the Warring States PeriodOgitani Uesugi HouseRepresent the traditional forces as a subsidiary ofMr. MiuraIs known as the representative of the warring warlords and reversalHoujou HayumoIt is the land that was driven to ruin by.
Road sizeWhat do you mean?Miura, Masayoshi(Miura Yoshi) was the best rival of Hojo Hayumo, but it was gradually castle to be packed.Okazaki CastleHis son is attackedYoshiyuki MiuraWe retreated to this castle, which we had been protecting.
Mr. Miura, who also has a naval navy, survived a three-year attack at this castle, which was guarded by cliffs at the edge of the Miura peninsula, and left the phrase of the end of the world, which continued to plague the early clouds in 1516, and “the only thing that would avenge those who were killed and then the original soil” seppukuArjiroAfter the death of his father, he had a fierce death.

Unfortunately, the main part including the Honmaru of Arai Castle is nowUniversity of Tokyo Marine Experiment StationHas becomeOff-limitsIt has become.
Visited 29 May 2016, once a yearDosun FestivalAndKasagakeWas a special day that, in addition to being seen, there was usually a part of the entry to the site of an off-limits East University marine Laboratory.

新井城/遠景  新井城/堀跡A
Left: When I walk from the bus stop of the oil jar, I can see the appearance of Arai Castle.
Right before the main partInner Pull BridgeThere is a place called,HorikiriAnd detached from the landA pull BridgeIt is thought that it was multiplied. It is a mark of Horikiri exactly from the entrance of the oil pot test tidal field of the photograph.

新井城/油壷湾  新井城/遊歩道入口
Left: From the entrance of the Tide fieldOil Jar BayTo reach.
It is said that this name came from the fact that the Gulf, stained with blood, was poured from the death of his followers and their fierce revenge.
Right: The entrance of the promenade which was maintained to orbit the castle of Arai.

It is shaped like a main castle area inside a hiking trail and the indicated Dot line.

This is a map of the rope that was presented at the local briefing.
The Honmaru section, which was written as the house ruins, has become the Higashi-Dai Rinkai Laboratory and is forbidden to enter the area.
I think that it becomes a general route to look at the circumference in the center though the West melody is destroyed by the oil Jar Marine Park.

新井城/Ⅲ曲輪  新井城/遊歩道
Left: Upland to the left hand of the promenade entrance immediatelySogawaThere is,EarthyCan be confirmed.
The right hand side of the boardwalk is a majorSogawaOfEarthyIs continued.

新井城/堀切  新井城/主郭外
The biggest attraction you can see on the left is along the boardwalk.Horikiri。 Your left hand will be honmaru.
RightHonmaruExterior wall,EarthyIt is not possible to see the appearance of the inside from the bottom because it is built.

新井城/千駄櫓  新井城/千駄櫓上
Left: Go straight to the beach without going down the promenade immediatelySouth Wheel
Sendagaya TowerThere was a large cave in the place where there was a stockpile of military food called.
There was a building in which I tried to climb the right.

新井城/荒井浜より見る断崖絶壁  新井城/東大施設入口
On the left, you can see the Honmaru of Arai Castle when you go down to Arai Beach and look up at the side.
[Right] to go to the special release tailored to the road size festivalTodai Marine Experiment StationCame to the front of the entrance.

新井城/土塁  新井城/空堀2
LeftEarthyI can see something like.
It was seen from the promenade on the left hand when advancing [right]HorikiriCame to a place to see the other side.

新井城/高櫓  新井城/堀の続き
Right hand sideHigh TowerThere is a tower stand mark called.
[Left] to wind the high tower from Horikiri a while agoHoriIs continued.

新井城/虎口  新井城/東大臨海実験所
LeftPassingIt is like the honmaru of the ruins of the house.
It is not possible to tell whether this tiger mouth is the one opened when passing through the asphalt road and is real.
Both sides of the song ringEarthyAnd I think that there are still good.
Right: The University of Tokyo seaside Experiment Station in the back of the tiger mouth. I could only put it here. Kinda halfway.

新井城/油壷マリンパーク  新井城/三浦義意墓
LeftNinomaruShould sayWest WheelIs currentlyOil Jar Marine ParkAnd the ruins have been destroyed.
Right: Let’s take a look at the tomb of Miura Dosun and Yoshiyoshi around the oil jar Marine Park.
FirstTomb of Yoshiyuki MiuraIs.
This is not the center of the castle, but the new castleCastle Monument.

新井城/三浦同寸墓  新井城/演武
Left: A little down from the tomb of the RighteousThe Tomb of Miura DosizeIs.
[Right] so much trouble.Dosun Festival. First of all, I will be excited by the demonstration of the sword.

Dosun FestivalAs the main event, Kasisake was announced from the Takeda-ryu Yuuma-Michi one gate.
KasagakeIs known as one of the three great old Yuma Jutsu from the Kamakura period, and it is in honor of Mr. Miura who made archery a home art. This is great power. Good looking.

Mr. Miura who was active as a rival of the early cloud in the transitional period to warring States period is the place that I wanted to go by all means. It was hard to say that I was able to see the remains, but it was a very satisfying day to see the wonderful kasadake.

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