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No. 262: Misaki Castle (the control base of the Miura Peninsula by Mr. Hojo)

No. 262: Misaki Castle (the control base of the Miura Peninsula by Mr. Hojo)

Date of Visit: May, 2016

Misaki CastleIs a castle in Miura city, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Originally ruled this areaMr. MiuraConsidered to have been functioning as a castle in the year 1516Houjou HayumoWhen Mr. Miura is destroyed by the attack of the Misaki castle is enhanced and improved as a base of the Miura Peninsula of Mr. Hojo, the former Mr. Miura’s retainer also captures a large-scaleSuigunWas organized. The Misaki Castle which became a large water army base had power in the Boso Peninsula on the opposite bank.Mr. SatomiAnd played an important role in the fight. Late 16th centuryMr. HojoIs the brother ofMr. Maki Hojo(TheNirayama CastleAt the time of the Lord, but in 1590,Hideyoshi ToyotomiOfOdawara, MasakiThe ruins of Hojo and became a ruined castle.

三崎城/01遠景  三崎城/市役所から
【 Left 】 Misaki Castle is built in the hills in the back of Hojo Bay.
Right: The center of the castle overlaps with the urban area, and the public facilities such as the city Hall, the school, and the gymnasium lined in modern times.
Recently, there has been a reorganization of school consolidation, and more vacant lots are being maintained.
The photo is from the City Hall parking lot on one old Misaki Junior high School. It was the cutting level which formed part of the melody together.

三崎城/02旧体育館  三崎城/03Ⅱ曲輪土塁
[Left] It seems to have been torn down by aging in the place where there was the Miura City Gymnasium before.
A wide range of the east side with the Miura City Library (former youth Hall) from this gymnasium ruinsMain GuoIt seems to have been the center of the castle including.
Right: At the western end of the gymnasiumEarthyIs remaining.

三崎城/04城碑  三崎城/05縄張り
Left: Along the road to the north of the gymnasium ruinsCastle MonumentAndA guide board, Behind whichEarthyIs built.
[Right] the rope of the Guide board is too tanned to read. I want to be new soon.

三崎城/06旧中学  三崎城/07三崎中学土塁
Left: The school was integrated into the closing.Old Misaki Junior High SchoolIs.
It seems that there was a large-sized melody and horse out in this place.
Right: From the schoolyard side of the old junior high schoolEarthyYou can see how it goes on and on.

三崎城/08慰霊堂参道土塁  三崎城/09慰霊手前土塁
Left: If you go to the Miura City Memorial approach next to the library, you can check the ground base where the melody was enclosed.
[Right] this alsoEarthy

三崎城/10慰霊堂突端曲輪  三崎城/11慰霊曲輪堀切
Left: It is thought that the Memorial Hall was built at the edge of the hill ahead of this and was a melody like the lookout tower.
[Right] LastHorikiriIs divided, and now Horikiri is the way to the bottom.

三崎城/12眺望  三崎城/13Ⅳ曲輪
Left: The view from the circle with the memorial.
[Right] This is a wheel that the welfare center is built.
EarthySeems to remain in the green, but it was not able to access well.

三崎城/Ⅳ曲輪下  三崎城/14本瑞寺土塁背後
Left: I look at the melody Ring of the welfare center from the bottom.
Right: West side of Castle areaHon-ji Temple, light-case TempleIt seems that the vicinity also functions as a part of the castle.
The photo is at the north end of this temple.EarthyIs left. Back thenHorikiriAre looking up from the road which would have been

三崎城/15本瑞寺土塁  三崎城/16光念寺本瑞寺土塁
LeftHon-ji TempleRemain inEarthy
[Right] this isHon-ji TempleAndLight Case TempleRemain at the verge ofEarthy

三崎城/17光念寺  三崎城/18光念寺土塁
LeftLight Case TempleIs the big shot of the Kamakura shogunate.WADA YoshimoriIs the foundation.
【 Right 】 The splendid remains in the light-case templeEarthy

三崎城/19光念寺土塁近影  三崎城/20三浦小学校
[Left] light-case TempleEarthyClose-up
Right side of the Temple of LightMiura Elementary SchoolIt is thought that it was one of the inflection wheel at that time though it was damaged by.

If you walk around the town, you can find the remains of Misaki Castle, which serves as an important base and water base of Hojo.
I think that it is good to go around while enjoying the gourmet of the city and the harbor atmosphere good.

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