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No. 263: Ishishio Castle (Harima’s largest mountain castle by Mr. Akamatsu)

No. 263: Ishishio Castle (Harima’s largest mountain castle by Mr. Akamatsu)

Date of Visit: May, 2016

Okshio CastleIs a castle in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture.
It is also called “dioramansion”.
The famous tribe that was the Harima GuardianMr. AkamatsuA huge castle built as the home ofWhite Flag CastleImpression CastleWithAkamatsu Castle ruinsAsCountry Historic SitesIs specified.
Of the Year 1441The Rebellion of YoshikichiRevived Mr. Akamatsu, who was the downfall ofMasanori AkamatsuIt is said that the castle was built in 1469.
Thereafter, it functions as a stronghold of Mr. Akamatsu over the five generations, but has invaded Harima by the life of Oda Nobunaga in 1577Hideyoshi Hashiba, Head wasNorifusa Akamatsu(Tassels) surrender.
In 1580, the castle was abandoned and the materialsHimeji CastleIt has been diverted to.

置塩城/01遠景  置塩城/02入口
LeftYume MaekawaView from the bridge that takes you. It is a huge castle.
Right: here or the trailhead.

We have been revised to the local Information board.
The Honmaru that corresponds to the round of the filling, and the west side and the ridge muscle in the south from Ninomaru which can be called the real center of the west Side are developed widely, and the large stone wall can be seen on the small ridge in the southwest.

置塩城/03獣除け  置塩城/04登山道
[Left] Open the fence of the beast except that is common in the castle.
[Right] it will be 20-25 minutes from the bottom to the place where the South Melody group appears.
Although it is a severe mountain road, it is the one that the ahead is seen because Ding stone is set up and the number is decreased little by bit until 18.

置塩城/05炭火窯  置塩城/06分岐(本郭南郭)
Left: On the way to the mountain trailCharcoal Kiln Ruins。 It is the one that was used in the early Showa period without the castle ruins.
RightSouth Melody GroupI was attached to. First of all, I go to see the tip of the wheel.

置塩城/07南V5  置塩城/08南曲輪石垣
[Left] the ridge which expands to the south is like thisKirikishiAnd steppedMelody GroupIs configured.
[Right] TidbitIshigakiCan be confirmed.

置塩城/09南曲輪V8  置塩城/10茶室前
Left: A large area of the second from the tip of the ridgeSogawaIs. In the back of the melody on thatKirikishiIs visible.
[Right] I returned from the tip of the south of the wheel group and head to the center of the castle.

置塩城/11茶室石垣  置塩城/12茶室
Left18th Ding StoneNext toIshigaki
On itTearoomWide of the area calledSogawa.

置塩城/13茶室土塁  置塩城/14分岐南西大手
Left: Built in a tea roomEarthy
[Right] before heading to the center, head for the bend that unfolds from this junction to the ridge extending southwest.

置塩城/15大石垣  置塩城/16西曲輪Ⅶ1
LeftRidge on the southwest sideSo longSogawaIs one of the highlights of theGreat stone wallYou can see.
Right: From the great stone wall to the outer edge of the castle area, ahead of the centerWest RidgeTo expand toMelody GroupCame up.

置塩城/17西曲輪雛壇  置塩城/18大手門
Left: on the western ridgeA doll-shaped melodyIs built in countless. The impression that the gradually continued.
[Right] actually thisWestern Melody GroupThe originalMajor muscleAt the end of theMajor KadatoI’ve somehow arrived. From here to the foot of the mountain, it seems to be a waste road, and it turns back.

置塩城/19竪土塁Ⅲ6  置塩城/枡形
Left: Turn back from the tip of the west ridge, and finally enter the center of the castle area.
Photos areSannomaruOf the West end of the group ofSogawaIs.
ThisVertical baseIt seems to have used it to the access road to the upward inflection wheel.
[Right] of the inflection wheel on onePassingIsMasugata.

置塩城/21北曲輪Ⅲ2  置塩城/22北Ⅲ1切岸
[Left] wide area to expand on the north side of the three-circle around the bend groupSogawaIs.
RightSannomaruOf the center of the ring.KirikishiIs.

置塩城/23Ⅲ1内部  置塩城/24通路2
[Left] The center of the Sanomaru. There is also a stone monument. It is thought that the place where the garden ruins etc. were discovered, and there was an important person’s house.
Right: Run between the North and South Ninomaru and the three circlesPassage
The function as the guardian of the center of politics seems also to be thought because it emphasizes a linear convenience to a complex castle road of the fortress in general.

置塩城/25台所  置塩城/26通路ⅢとⅡ間
Left: On the north side of the aisleKitchen traces
I think that it has become like the pond now, and it was not one of the water hands.
[Right] proceed between Ninomaru and SanmaruPassage

置塩城/27帯曲輪Ⅱ9  置塩城/28石垣Ⅱ10
Left: On the west side of the NinomaruObi-Song Ring。 It is thought that it was used as a passage which orbits the outer edge of the center.
【 Right 】 around NinomaruIshigakiCan be confirmed.

置塩城/29二の丸  置塩城/30二の丸土塁
LeftNinomaruThe center. Wide AreaGardenHas been found, and it is thought that it was the most important inflection wheel.
[Right] Ninomaru respectableEarthy

置塩城/31二の丸石垣  置塩城/32二の丸北崩落石垣
Left: Ninomaru It seems to have been used for the inside of the partitionMasonry
[Right] Ninomaru is divided into North and south across the aisle, but also on the north sideIshigakiIs left.

置塩城/33北二の丸石垣  置塩城/34二の丸北土塁
Left: It is a passage that divides the Ninomaru into North and south, but it seems to be repairing it as the stone wall collapses fairly.
RightNorth NinomaruOfEarthyIs.

置塩城/35本丸への石垣  置塩城/36本丸虎口
LeftHonmaru. Remain on its wayIshigaki
RightHonmaru Toraguchi。 Next to this tiger mouthTurretWas built.

置塩城/38本丸  置塩城/37本丸眺望
LeftHonmaru. It is believed to have played a role as a castle of the highest place at the altitude of 370m.
It seems that the appearance as the castle of Akamatsu was valued because the building mark concentrated on the south side which looks better than the foot.
Right: From the Honmaru, you can overlook the village below.

置塩城/39本丸石垣  置塩城/40本丸南
[Left] remains in Honmaru SouthIshigaki
[Right] to expand to the south of HonmaruSogawaIs.

It is the stronghold of Mr. Akamatsu who has established the position as a famous tribe from the Kamakura period, and has served as the guardian of the important country of four positions and Harima under the Muromachi shogunate. It is a typical medieval castle, and may be selected as a personal Japan 100 castle. It is a castle that I thought.
Because it is quite large, let’s get ready and climb.

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