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No. 265: Ten River Castle (from the castle of Onijukawa to fierce fighting with Mr. Chosokabe Motochika)

No. 265: Ten River Castle (from the castle of Onijukawa to fierce fighting with Mr. Chosokabe Motochika)

Date of Visit: January, 2017

Ten Kawashiro(Sogo-Jo) is a castle in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture.
City Historic SiteIs specified.
From the Nanbokucho eraMr. UedaIs the clan ofMr. JukawaWas a castle and it is.
Entering the Warring States periodMotocho MiyoshiIs a four-manMiyoshi NagkeiFalls on the brother ofSeitokai No Ichizon JukawaThey will be adopted.
OnijukawaSeitokai no Ichizon was known as a great general with the nickname of this castle was active as a part of Mr. Miyoshi as a stronghold of the 30-year-old young death, there are various theories such as Lok Ma and assassination. It was Seitokai no Ichizon’s brother who took over the tracks.Yoshiyoshi MiyoshiIs a child ofTamotsu Jukawa(Sogo Masahiro/Kazyasu). Aiming to conquer Shikoku from circa 1580Chosokabe Motochika ex-parentAnd the fight begins. In 1584, the second siege line (Battle of the second ten KawashiroThe castle isHideyoshi HashibaI was settled down by relying on.
According to Hideyoshi, the land will be regained in 1585, butThe Battle of the Togawa RiverIt seems that this castle became a deserted castle after it had died.

十河城/01遠景  十河城/02正面
Left: Distant view from the east side of the castle area. It is found that it is built on the tongue plateau and is a little high ground.
[Right] is considered a honmaru markName TempleDeva, there seems to be hearsay that it was the gate of the castle, but it does not go out of the tradition area. There is a-hyochu of ten Kawashiro and a guide board, too.

十河城/03称徳寺  十河城/04本丸南.
Left: The temple grounds of the name.
Right: It is an alley on the south side of the temple, but you can see that the Honmaru is higher.
This alley is on the south side.HoriIt may have been.

十河城/05鷺池  十河城/06からくり橋
Left: Spread to the back of the Temple (west side)Sagiike
It is a pond because it is artificial now, but it defends the west at that time.HoriIt is thought that it played the role.
Right: from Honmaru to NorthMechanical Bridge traces
It seems to be dobashi to leave empty moat traces on both sides now, but at that time, the bridge is not fixed, and if the enemy is advanced, they have eliminated the enemy who took the girder and removed the successor.

十河城/07北門地蔵  十河城/08堀1
[Left] the mechanical bridge has put out a lot of dead people because of the last bastion to protect Honmaru.
It was built by the bridge mark for the memorial.North Gate JizoIs.
[Right] on the west side of the mechanical bridgeA trace of empty moat

十河城/09空堀  十河城/10逆からからくり橋
[Left] This is the east SideA trace of empty moat。 Obviously it is.
[Right] I am looking at the mechanism of the bridge from the north side.

十河城/11資料館  十河城/12十河一存墓
Left: From the ruins of a mechanical bridge, proceed to the northTen River History MuseumAnd tenTomb of Seitokai no Ichizon River. Unfortunately, the museum was closed.
The left is Seitokai no ichizon to the right, and the right is an existing. A small grave in the middle is a child of theSenmatsu MaruTomb.

The success of Miyoshi Chokei, which held the aircraft during the first half of the Warring States Period, was not accomplished without the cooperation of the younger brothers such as Miyoshi Yoshiyoshi, Yasuta Fuyasu, and Seitokai no Ichizon. It does not go because it does not come if it is known by the General General in the Sanuki and it is a home ground and it has been lost in the Battle of Tojikawa in it.

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