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No. 266: Takamatsu Castle (one of the nation’s best Mizuki built by Ikoma)

No. 266: Takamatsu Castle (one of the nation’s best Mizuki built by Ikoma)

Date of Visit: January, 2017

Takamatsu CastleIs a castle in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture.
In the early modern castles representing Kagawa PrefectureCountry Historic SitesIs specified in theJapan 100 CastleIt is also selected.
In addition, as a typical castle incorporating seawater into the territoryNow JichengMiddle TsujoWithJapan three great MizukiIn the
It was given the country Sanuki from Toyotomi Hideyoshi who flatting ShikokuIkoma, TadashiEnters the Hikida castle in 1587.
The parent is inconvenient in Yamashiro.Hikada CastleFromHoly Temple CastleThe city of Takamatsu was built in 1590, and it was outgrown to be able to face the sea. In 1642Matsudaira YorishigeAfter the renovation was added, it became one of the best water castles in the country. CurrentlyTamamo ParkIs a major tourist destination in Takamatsu.

高松城/01艮櫓  高松城/03旭門
Left: A symbolic spectacle of Takamatsu Castle.Taiko Tower RuinsWas originally in the East CircleUshitora Tower(Tower) is a valuable existing triple turret that has been relocated.
[Right] East SideAsahi BridgeAndAsahi GateIs a gate made instead because the major gate which was originally on the South side was not able to be used with the construction of the lanceolate Unkaku which is the feudal house.

It is a local information board.
At that time, the Seto Inland Sea was wall to the north, and it was a large turf with outside moat.
What is left now is inside the middle moat.

高松城/04太鼓門跡  高松城/太鼓櫓
Left: When you invade from Asahi Gate,Masugata Toraguchi, And the boulders are used only at the front gate.
The north side of the MasugataA burial gateAre provided.
[Right] to the south of the Masugata of Asahi Gate earlierTaiko TowerTo prepare for the invasion of the enemy.

高松城/05桜の馬場  高松城/06天守台
[Left] Masugata the vastCherry Blossom BabaIs.
Right: View from the cherry blossom BabaTower units。 It is said that it was the Tower of the triple, and this is a tower unit of the size.

高松城/07鞘橋  高松城/08桜門跡
【 Left 】 connecting Honmaru from NinomaruSheath BridgeAlso came into view.
The roof like the photograph was provided in the Matsudaira age. The current bridge has been repaired several times after it was built in the Meiji era.
Right: The entrance of the third circleCherry blossoms。 The Dobashi before the disciple was under construction on the day.

高松城/09披雲閣 高松城/10庭園
LeftSannomaruIs inLanceolate
Originally, there was a building that doubles as the agency and the Lord’s House, but it was demolished due to the aging of the Meiji era.
The present building was built by the old Lord’s house, Matsudaira Yorihisa, in Taisho 6Important Cultural PropertiesIs also specified.
Right: The garden of the lanceolate Unkaku which was made while leaving a part of the garden of the Edo period. This is a garden made by Kanzo Ohhu, a gardener in Tokyo.

高松城/11模型  高松城/12鯛
Left: A model of the past days of Takamatsu Castle in the lanceolate cloud. You can see that it was a vast territory.
RightUchiboriTo extendFish
Indeed, it is a moat that pulls seawater. There was a corner to feed Thailand, etc.

高松城/13水門  高松城/14鉄門
Left: It is the intake of seawater on the other side of the boat.Floodgates.
[Right] under this DobashiFloodgates. The Ninomaru will be the entrance to the future.Iron Gate(Kurogane).

高松城/15二の丸  高松城/16鞘橋へ
LeftNinomaru. There was a palace until the early feudal government.
RightHonmaruIs the only pathway toSheath Bridge.

高松城/17本丸虎口1  高松城/18本丸虎口
Left: When you exit the sheath bridgeHonmaru ToraguchiIt is directly connected to the Masugata.
Right: Look at the tiger mouth from the top. I understand that it is bending well.

高松城/19本丸  高松城/20地久櫓
LeftHonmaru. The long and thin area is not so wide. In the backTower unitsIs visible.
[Right] in the southwest corner of HonmaruThe ruins of the Jikyu tower

高松城/21天守台地下  高松城/22天守からの眺め
LeftTower unitsInside. The excavation revealed the whole picture.CellarI can understand the state of (basement) well.
The present tower is a thing of Mr. Ikoma AgeMatsudaira YorishigeThe renovation was completed in 1670.
[Right] I want to ninomaru direction than tower.

高松城/23月見櫓表  高松城/24報時櫓
Left is the north side of the castle. HereExisting remainsIs designated as an important cultural property.Tsukimi Tower, Mizumikado, Wataru. The Moon Tower which was said to have monitored the ship which faced the sea and went out was a turret of the scale after tower in the tower with two kinds of rupture in the triple third floor.
[Right] on the sea side of the Moon Watch TowerNews when the Bell
In 1653, the bell was made by the Matsudaira of the First Lord and was on the bank along the outer moat.
It was moved to the present place in 1980 although it had been placed in Tamamo Park after it entered the Showa era.

高松城/25鹿櫓  高松城/26東の丸石垣
Left: Deer Tower marks in the northeast corner of Kitanomaru.
Right: It was on the east side of Nakabori.East CircleHas been swallowed up by urban development, but in the vicinity of the Kagawa prefectural People’s HallIshigakiAre left.

高松城/27艮櫓跡  高松城/28外堀
[Left] here is the beginningUshitora TowerIs the tower stand in the northeast corner of the East Circle was originally.
Right: Once had a vast territorySotoboriAre died in the city, while some remain as a vessel reservoir, most of which are just a few of the remnants to the district divide.

It might be good to imagine the time when the north side was the sea as it is, and it is possible to feel enough that it was the best water in the whole country.
The fish in the sea swim in the moat pleasing. To tell the truth, Mito is a brother of Matsudaira of the first Lord.

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