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No. 267: The Castle (home of Mr. Kouzai, a Shigeomi of Mr. Hosokawa)

No. 267: The Castle (home of Mr. Kouzai, a Shigeomi of Mr. Hosokawa)

Date of Visit: January, 2017

The Castle(Saryou Jo) is a castle in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture.
The exact time of the castle is unknown, but in 1221The rebellionIn the first generation of Mr. KouzaiKouzai-muraThe castle was built as a peacetime house with the castle, which was packed with the city of Katsugajo.
Mr. Kouzai grew up in this castle as a heavy minister of Mr. Hosokawa, but during the Warring States PeriodMr. Miyoshi and Mr. JukawaWill follow, in 1577,Chosokabe Motochika ex-parentIn preparation for the invasion ofKaori Kousei(Yoshikiyo) is basedFujio CastleBecame a deserted castle.
Mr. Kouzai entered the capital in accordance with Mr. Hosokawa on the way.Mr. Kami KouzaiAnd remained in SanukiMr. KouzaiIn theHosokawa MasundoKnown for his murderMotocho KouzaiWill be Mr. Kami Kouzai.

佐料城/正面  佐料城/案内板
[Left] on the way to KatsugajoOkuzu ShrineThe Castle ofMain enclosureIt is said.
Right: A guide board in front of the public auditorium.

佐料城/奥津神社  佐料城/神社側面
LeftOkuzu ShrineFront of.
Right: If you look at the shrine from the side, it looks like a temple.

佐料城/内堀  佐料城/内堀2
Left: to the north of the shrineTwo GuoThe orchards that are said to be spread, while the slightHoriIs left.
Right: The moat goes to the west side and breaks in the L character. It is hard to see in the photograph, but it turns right from the hit.

佐料城/外堀跡?  佐料城/勝賀城遠景
The waterway in the north further of the orchard is bent though it was written that there is a land discount of L character in the Northeast in the Guide board.
Is this it? AlsoKitaboriIt seems that there was a moat in this area because there was a place which had been called.
Right: It was a stuffed castle seen from the castleKatsugajo.

It is said that Mr. Kouzai was also called the Hosokawa Four kings as a heavy minister of the Guardian daimyo Hosokawa.
It is becoming difficult to feel the castle ruins by making a housing lot, but the moat left barely conveys the image.

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