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No. 268: Katsu-Jo (a stuffed castle of Mr. Kouzai)

No. 268: Katsu-Jo (a stuffed castle of Mr. Kouzai)

Date of Visit: January, 2017

KatsugajoIs a castle in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture.
In 1221, the rebellion wasKouzai-muraIs home toThe CastleAs the castle stuffed with altitude of 364mMount KatsuThe building is In the Muromachi period, he extended his power as a heavy minister of Mr. Hosokawa, who was a patron lord of Sanuki during the early Warring States,Chosokabe Motochika ex-parentIn preparation for the invasion ofKaori KouseiBased on the YoshikiyoFujio Castle, And eventually it was the abandoned castle, which was surrendered by Hideyoshi Hashiba, in 1585. The ruins of the medieval fortress are left wellCity Historic SiteIs specified.

勝賀城/01遠景  勝賀城/02分岐
Left: The distant view of Katsu-Jo Castle from the foot.
It is a castle with high altitude and a high ratio, but you can go up considerably by car.
The branch point in the middle is headed up.

勝賀城/03案内  勝賀城/登り口
[Left] The guide board which was at the branch point.
Right: I put the car in the space in front of this entrance.

勝賀城/勝賀城  勝賀城/06猫びたい
[Left] It will climb a fairly steep mountain trail for about 30 minutes though it is a climbing mountain which is maintained from the entrance.
[Right] was on the wayI want to be a cat-Hyochu of. It’s a small place like a cat’s forehead.

勝賀城/07猫の背  勝賀城/08馬返し
LeftThe back of a cat。 Both sides of the ridge muscle go on a restricted road.
RightHorse creased。 This makes sense! It is a steep slope as the horse is tipping.

From the local information board. It is a feature of this castle that Ninomaru from a wide honmaru to the east side, the three-maru unfold, and each are defended by the soil base, and the remaining state of this ground base is good.

勝賀城/  勝賀城/10本丸南土塁
Left: I was attached to the Southwest (left) side with the Guide board. The center of the castle area from this area.
PassingThere is a look at the opening, but because it goes to the Honmaru in a straight line, it may be that there is a change in the future, it is the path that fits in the direction of the right and left band to turn through either of the space.
[Right] and take the south side of the passage that in the left handHonmaru soilYou will continue to look at the base.

勝賀城/11本丸虎口  勝賀城/12大手筋
Left: Opened on the southeast side of the HonmaruPassing。 On the Guide boardHonmaru Kido.
[Right] look back on the guide boardMajor GateWill be in the direction that is written. If you follow this road on the south side, turn to the east and go through the three circles to the outer area. It seems that the original major muscle was a route from the east side rather than the west side.

勝賀城/14本丸  勝賀城/15本丸土塁
[Left] View from ToraguchiHonmaruInside state. The guide board is also here.
[Right] wide and respectableHonmaru Earthbase。 You can also see the part of the break.

勝賀城/16本丸北土塁  勝賀城/17二の丸への虎口
[Left] continue to Honmaru soil base. I can see the blue sheet, but it seems that excavation is being done.
[Right] open from Honmaru to Ninomaru on the northeast sidePassing。 Like a blindfoldEarthyCan also be checked.

勝賀城/18二の丸石垣  勝賀城/19二の丸
LeftNinomaruThe passage of the Honmaru is in the vicinity of the side of theIshigaki

勝賀城/20二の丸北土塁  勝賀城/22空堀
【 Left 】 NinomaruEarthyIs fine, but it’s crumblingIshigakiIt can be seen that it has also been made reinforcement by.
【 Right 】 Ninomaru northeast sideKarahori

勝賀城/21二の丸北帯曲輪  勝賀城/22帯曲輪
[Left] Ninomaru the Honmaru from the north aroundObi-Song RingBut the stone is rumbling.
RightObi-Song RingAlso on the outside ofEarthyHas been built,Hollow-shapedIt seems to be in the passage of.

勝賀城/23三の丸 勝賀城/24三の丸土塁
Left: Built on the southeast side of the NinomaruSannomaruThe condition of the maintenance was not so good.
[Right] However, like the photograph even in the third roundEarthyYou can check the

勝賀城/24三の丸堀  勝賀城/25三の丸石垣
[Left] The Ninomaru of the three-round extension from the above-mentioned empty moatKarahoriIt has become.
Right: Even the third roundIshigakiI was able to confirm.

It was a castle only to make it think of Mr. Kouzai’s most powerful military base from the soil base which remained well.
Although it has not been described in detail historically, he has been active in defending its stronghold.

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