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No. 269: Ichijoji Castle (a castle on the verge of the Kashima border)

No. 269: Ichijoji Castle (a castle on the verge of the Kashima border)

Date of Visit: October, 2016

Ichijoji CastleIs a castle in Oyabe city, Toyama Prefecture.
City Historic SiteThe first look on the historical records of this castle dates back to 1369 (two years) and the Nanbokucho era, and in the southern morningMomoi SunaoWas one of the castles. At this time, the Noto guardian of the North morning and the shogunateMr. YoshimiWas defeated by the attack of Momoi, and Mr. Momoi was to be chased through the etin.
When Oda Nobunaga enters the Warring States period and the life is dropped by the strange of Honnoh temple,Hideyoshi HashibaAndNobuo Oda and Ieyasu TokugawaWhen the union was at odds with each other, it was under the Oda Nobunaga Army.Saza NaramasaAnd Kaga’sRie MaedaThe confrontation.Hokuriku Kaido Side StreetThis castle, which captures and holds the Kashima border, plays an important role as one of the military bases of the anti-Hideyoshi Saza Narimasa, but it is thought that it became a deserted castle due to the surrender of Sassa Naramasa in 1585 the following year.

一乗寺城/01入口  一乗寺城/03大堀切
Left: From a general paved roadField shortcutsAt the entrance to the castle.Castle MonumentAnd there is a parking space.
Right: Break the ridge when you go a whileDaihorikiriAppears on the left hand side. AheadVertical MoatIt has become.

Although it is a figure that was carved in the castle monument of the previous, it is difficult to understand, and the supplement is added (please enlarge).
The east side which is the home of Saza Naramasa is a major mouth with the Sanmaru, Ninomaru, and Honmaru from the west side with Kaga.

一乗寺城/04切岸B郭  一乗寺城/05B郭
[Left] of the three-round look up from TagichiKirikishiSeems to have a high point of 17m.
RightSannomaruCame up. TightlyEarthyIt is a ring that remains.

一乗寺城/06B土塁  一乗寺城/07街道
Left: This is the third circleEarthy
The West, with good rest on the south side andBreakAndTower StandCan also be confirmed.
Right: I look down on the road from the soil base.

一乗寺城/08虎口4  一乗寺城/09虎口4内
Left: Open on the west side of the third circlePassing
[Right] it seems that the space like Masugata is secured in the tiger mouth.

一乗寺城/10坂虎口  一乗寺城/11土橋
[Left] The approach path from the previous Toraguchi is bent and the photographTiger MouthIn the future.
[Right] between the Ninomaru and the three-maruHorikiriTo passDobashiRemains better.

一乗寺城/12櫓台8  一乗寺城/13B長い曲輪
Left: Near HorikiriTower StandIs.
[Right] of the long thin inflection wheelNinomaru

一乗寺城/14枡形  一乗寺城/15枡形2
[Left] on the way from Ninomaru to HonmaruMasugata Toraguchi
It is one of the highlights, but the contrast is too strong to understand.
[Right] because it is difficult to understand the shape of the masugata, we have added an arrow to stand in the friend.

一乗寺城/16枡形3  一乗寺城/17本丸
[Left] This is seen from the side where the Masugata is lost.
[Right] hit the highest placeHonmaruIs.

一乗寺城/18眺望  一乗寺城/19帯曲輪
[Left] The view of the Etchside than Honmaru.
[Right] There are countless corner-shaped inflection rings around the honmaru.

一乗寺城/20竪堀  一乗寺城/21大手口土塁
Left: Large on the north side of the HonmaruVertical Moat, But I have made a failure to toss into a tree that has been felled.
RightMajor mouthThe felling of the trees was progressing and we managed to move on. Photos on the leftEarthyIs growing.

一乗寺城/大手道  一乗寺城/23大手口
LeftMajor RoadThe course of the climb while bending many times. The yellow ArrowTower ruins, You can see that you were monitoring the enemy coming up.
[Right] The large modus operandi is open in the direction that the vegetation of the photograph is overgrown, but it is not likely to advance any further.

Saza Naramasa VS Maeda Toshishi’s tension drifts the castle of the Kashima border.
The maintenance seems to have progressed reasonably, and the ruins are easy to see, too.

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