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No. 271: [Noto] Sumori Castle (known for the Clash of the former Tanari and Sassa Narimasa)

No. 271: [Noto] Sumori Castle (known for the Clash of the former Tanari and Sassa Narimasa)

Date of Visit: October, 2016

End MorijoIs a castle in Hakui-gun, Ishikawa prefecture.
This castle at the important point of the borderEnd MorijoAndSuimori CastleIs also indicated.
A lot of historical materials were excavatedPrefectural Historic SitesIs specified.
In the Annals of 1577Uesugi KenshinButMr. Hatakeyama, NotoBe CastleNanao CastleThe first time you attack, but you do not know the exact time of the castle.
Kenshin after the Nanao Castle capture, to Sumori CastleSaito, AsinobuAndYamaura (Murakami) KunikiyoI put the like.
After that, the Noto which became the power range of Oda Nobunaga entered the Maeda Toshito, and the Sumori CastleToi Parent TrueWas in the castle, but in 1584 after the Battle of Sage DakeTokugawa Ieyasu.Saza NaramasaButHideyoshi Hashiba.Rie MaedaWill attack this castle defended by Shigeomi Okumura Nagatomi.
Although Maeda was inferior, Nagatoshi defended well until the reinforcements arrived at the former Tagari family. (Battle of Sumori Castle)
It is thought that the role of the castle which hardens the border has been lost by the Sasa Naramasa’s surrender to Hideyoshi Hashiba in 1585.

[能登]末森城/00分岐  [能登]末森城/01遠景
[Left] There is no hesitation because the branch from the route 471 and the guidance board are also out.
Right: Sumori Castle, seen from the parking lot, this bridge crosses the Oshimizu bypass on National Highway 159, but it is undeniable that the remains have been considerably destroyed by this development. Also near the parking lotSamurai Mansion, But it is not maintained.

The guide board which was in the branch from the first national road. Pretty simple.

If it works, you can get this brochure on the post in the parking lot.
You can see that the Honmaru, Ninomaru, Sanmaru and Wakamiya Maru are unfolding from the summit.

[能登]末森城/02戦石碑  [能登]末森城/03大手通り
[Left] at the tip of the bridgeSuimori-Yama FurugobattlefieldOfStone monument
Right: Access from the current parking lot is consistent with the major side of the time, but some of them have been destroyed by mountain trails to increase convenience. We will climb such a road for about half an hour.

[能登]末森城/04最初分岐  [能登]末森城/05竪堀
[Left] It seems to be a castle area from the vicinity of this first branch point,Sasara KidoIt seems that there was a kido.
The trail goes in the right direction, but the left side of the maintenance insufficiency is the original Castle road. The thrust and the surroundingSamurai MansionThere seems to be a lot of ground level of cutting.
[Right] The original is through a narrow road, a hugeVertical MoatIt seems to have passed by the bridge, but the essential vertical moat is lush difficult to confirm.

[能登]末森城/06二つ目分岐  [能登]末森城/07若宮丸入口
Left: The original Castle Road in the left side of this branch also seems to have been, but the route is unclear now by the Mountain Trail maintenance.
Right: I climbed from the right back to the front, but when I look from the bottom, the sharp rearWakamiya MaruAccess path is open.

[能登]末森城/08若宮丸  [能登]末森城/09若宮側虎口
[Left] here isWakamiya MaruCalled a ring of inflection.
SomeEarthyIs still there, but it does not seem to be so superior in defense.
It is also characterized by its high independence from the Honmaru around the wheel.
[Right] open from Wakamiya Maru to southwest sidePassing

[能登]末森城/10若宮  [能登]末森城/14横堀
Left: the ground where the ground is spread below the tiger mouthWakamiyaIt seems to be called. (Confusingly with Wakamiya Maru)
[Right] If you take a course to the right by the branch of the three-round front, you can confirm the horizontal moat extending from the three circles.

[能登]末森城/15馬駆場  [能登]末森城/13三の丸
Left: On the east side of the third circle, the very wide area of the bendHorse ejectionIt is called.
Right: Back to the originalSannomaru, But it was not in a state where the vegetation was overgrown.

[能登]末森城/11二の丸虎口  [能登]末森城/12二の丸
[Left] NextNinomaruOfPassing。 It is a tiger mouth of the simple structure which bends.

[能登]末森城/16本丸へ  [能登]末森城/17本丸
[Left] head to Honmaru.
RightHonmaruArrive. It is in the upper and lower stages with a fairly wide inflection wheel.
There is a tree planting and a guide board by Head Maeda Toshisuke Maeda family.

[能登]末森城/18縄張り [能登]末森城/19本丸眺望
[Left] the rope-clad figure in Honmaru was bedding muddy.
[Right] view from Honmaru. The blue of the Sea of Japan was a wonderful day.

[能登]末森城/20本丸監視場  [能登]末森城/21本丸切岸
[Left] It seems to have had the role to monitor the ridge muscle and the tune ring in the north end Honmaru thin and stretched.
[Right] This is the honmaru seen from belowKirikishi。 Pretty powerful.
There was a lot of melody in the northwest and northeast than this place, and there was a defense equipment such as Horikiri, but the maintenance was not made and it returned.

The castle reminds me of Maeda Keijiro and Okumura Eifuku in the elegance of Takashi Keiichiro’s Ichiyume Iori.
It might be famous for the flower which became a cartoon, but I have not read it properly.
It is the stage of the scene to repel the onslaught of Sasa Naramasa.

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