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No. 272: Komaru-Yama Castle (Noto National governance Base)

No. 272: Komaru-Yama Castle (Noto National governance Base)

Date of Visit: October, 2016

Komaru YamashiroIs a castle in Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture.
It was the center of Noto Country from the Muromachi period through the Warring States Period.Nanao CastleWas a large-scale mountain fortress representing the whole country, but became the daimyo of Noto in 1581.Rie MaedaWas relocated from the castle, which is inconvenient for transportation and economic activities, and built the Komaru Yamashiro in this area near the sea.
It seems to be wide in estimation from 1582 to 1589 about the time of the castle.
The stronghold of KagaKanazawa CastleIt is the elder brother of the rifamily after it moves to.Yasukatsu MaedaLord, and in 1615,One Country OrdinanceThe castle was abandoned.

小丸山城/01櫓外側  小丸山城/02前田利家まつ像
[Left] The Komaru Yamashiro is built in a mound in the city, and nowKomaruyama ParkIt is maintained as an easy access. The picture is at the southern end of HonmaruTower Stand.
Right in the park entranceMaeda Toshishi Matsuko Statue
It was erected in 1991 to commemorate the airing of NHK Taiga drama Toshito and Matsu.
When I visited before, I remember that it was on the Honmaru, but did it move?

It seems to have been composed by four independent inflection wheels greatly when it depends on the guidance board.
It is possible to feel the tune ring as the topography although the ruins are hardly left because of the destruction by the park making now.

小丸山城/03入口  小丸山城/04櫓台1
Left: As the park is now functioning as a recreation place for citizens, many people have been heading to radio gymnastics in spite of the early morning.
RightHonmaruArrived. Historical Maeda Toshito Small Maruyama Castle There was a huge stone monument, and the mound behind was in the east corner of Honmaru.Tower ruinsIs.

小丸山城/05本丸  小丸山城/06櫓台2
LeftHonmaru. The radio gymnastics started in the back.
[Right] here is the south side seen from the outside at the beginningTower ruins
The big bronze statue aboveSun image。 It is a monk who was instrumental in the spread of Hinhasune to Noto.

小丸山城/07御貸屋山  小丸山城/08三更橋
[Left] The housing lot seen across the national road and Nanao Line from Honmaru is nowThe rent-A-MountainIs called, in the Guide boardTerayamaIt is a state where the mountain itself has almost disappeared. It is a great morning mist.
RightNature MaruThe bridge toward the NinomaruSanfurther BridgeIt is called.

小丸山城/09二の丸  小丸山城/10愛宕山方面
LeftNature Maru(Ninomaru) also exudes a clouded unseen atmosphere in the morning mist.
[Right] from Nature MaruMiyamaruThere would beMount AtagoLooking at.

小丸山城/11堀切  小丸山城/13愛宕山2
[Left] between the Honmaru and Nature Maru come down belowHorikiriYou will be able to see the three further bridges and the biggest attraction.
RightMiyamaruWas ofMount Atago, But it is not possible to confirm the ruins only because there is a sumo ring and a cenotaph mark etc. on the mountain.

小丸山城/12愛宕小路  小丸山城/14御祓川
Left: This alley following Mt. AtagoAtago AlleyIt is known as the approach to the Keiya shrine which was on this ground before the castle.
Right: The castle on historical materialsSo poisedHas been said to have been made artificiallyHaraikawaSeems likely to be a remnant of the moat.

The first step as a feudal lord of Maeda Toshito is this castle.
There are few remains, but the city is well accessible, and the castle should be visited by the castle of Nanao.

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