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No. 273: Nanao Castle (home of Noto Hatakeyama, who struggled with Kenshin)

No. 273: Nanao Castle (home of Noto Hatakeyama, who struggled with Kenshin)

Date of Visit: October, 2016

Nanao CastleIs a castle in Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture.
This huge castle of Noto is proud of.MatsuoshiroAt leastEnd of the castleIt is said that it came to be called Nanao Castle because it was a fortress where a lot of inflection rings were built on seven ridges though it appeared in the historical materials.
The remaining state of the remains is also good,Country Historic SitesIs specified in theJapan 100 CastleJapan Great mountain FortressHas been chosen.
Was the Noto patron in the first half of the fifteenth centuryMitsuru HatakeyamaIt was said that it was built, and it was strengthened one after another, and it worked for 150 years as the home of Noto Hatakeyama. It became a huge territory like the current eighth generationYoshitatsu Hatakeyama, The ninthHatakeyama YoshitsuniThis period is infightingUesugi KenshinHad to prepare for the invasion.
Uesugi Kenshin, who attacked from 1576 to 1577, took a considerable amount of time to besieged this castle.Mr. YisaAndMr. Warm-heartedSucceeded in putting Noto under control by betrayal.
After that, Noto entered the rule of Oda NobunagaRie MaedaEnters Noto. To the home of ToshitoKomaru YamashiroThe castle was abandoned in 1589.
七尾城/01入口  七尾城・入口
Nanao Castle is a huge fortress, but the roadway and parking lot are built, and you can drive to the bottom of the main ring immediately.
[Right] from the back of the first guide board, I go while watching the melody and the remains.

It is a restoration illustration of Nanao Castle to be deployed in seven ridges.

七尾城縄張り 七尾城/02調度丸

[Left] It is a map of the rope that was on the way.
I decided to come back via the Honmaru, Ninomaru, and Sanmaru from the furniture round.

[Right] FirstFurniture Round。 Accumulated and piled upIshigakiIs an impressive place.

七尾城/03調度丸石列  七尾城/04調度丸虎口.
Left: It was in the furniture circleStone Column。 It is imagined that there was a soil wall etc.
Right: From the major road to the furnishing circlePassingIs in the east side of the bend, not the current Tiger mouth, and it seems to have invaded like an arrow.

七尾城/05遊佐屋敷へ    七尾城/08桜馬場
Left: Head to the Sakura Baba and Yusa mansion on the top of the furnishing circle.
The right is the biggest tune in the hall.Sakura BabaThe southern tip of the

七尾城/06遊佐屋敷石列  七尾城/07遊佐屋敷
[Left] next to the southeast of Sakura BabaYusa MansionLooking at the photoStone ColumnCan be confirmed. There might have been a soil wall like the furniture circle below.
Right next to the HonmaruYusa MansionA strongman who served as a GuardianMr. YisaIt is the residence of the ruins. Speaking of Mr. YusaSojeongA place known for the power struggle withHikari YusaWhat is the most famous?

七尾城/09本丸石垣  七尾城/10本丸
[Left] was piled in three stagesHonmaru Stone WallHas come into view.
Right this is the center of the castle.HonmaruIs.

七尾城/11眺望  七尾城/12本丸櫓台.
【 Left 】 Honmaru from Nanao City and Nanao Bay. It is the scenery seen by Mr. Hatakeyama and Kenshin Uesugi.
[Right] the Honmaru of Nanao Castle without tower has a tower instead, and remains now.Tower StandTheCastle Mountain ShrineIs enshrined. It was on the tower stand behind the shrine.EarthyIs visible.

七尾城/13本丸土塁虎口  七尾城/14外枡形.
[Left] high in the northwest side especially in Honmaru itselfEarthyIs left. Opened therePassingCan be confirmed.
RightPassingWide on the outside of theOutside MasugataSpace spreads.
The technology of the woven-feng period is thought to be a renovation at the time of arrival in Noto.

七尾城/15虎口13  七尾城/16虎口13石垣.
LeftSakura BabaOpen to the southwest side to come back toPassingIs.
Right: When you go out of the tiger mouthIshigaki
It seems to have had the road which leads to the west side which was not able to be seen this time ahead.

七尾城/17温井屋敷土塁  七尾城/18九尺石
Left: extending from both sides of Sakura BabaEarthyOut of betweenYunoi MansionCame to.
It is said that Mr. and Mr. Yisa and Mr. Hatakeyama are the ruins of his house.
Right: It is the maximum will of the hall when the Tiger mouth which opens from the House to the West is left.Nine stoneArrangedIshigakiIs. It is thought that it was an important tiger mouth because it was the megaliths arranged to show off power.

七尾城/19櫓ダイ16石垣  七尾城/20二の丸石垣
Left: The road from the Toraguchi of the nine stone was a feeling of collapse, but it was on the west side of the warm house when descending a little.Tower StandOfIshigaki.
[Right] return to the original and head to Ninomaru.

七尾城/21二の丸.jpg  七尾城/22二の丸櫓台.j
Left: It was the second base to HonmaruNinomaru。 The Warm House sideIshigakiOn the north side.Tower Stand, And it is sharp ahead.KirikishiAndDaihorikiriIt has become.
Right: On the north side of the NinomaruTower Stand。 You take the enemy of Horikiri from here.

七尾城/23三の丸へ.j  七尾城/24三の丸手前堀切
To the left, we will go down the stairs that are equipped with steep slopes. The original castle path would have been even more steep.
Right: This is one of the attractions. Built between Ninomaru and SanmaruDaihorikiri

七尾城/25三の丸虎口.jpg  七尾城/26三の丸櫓台.jp
LeftSanmaru Toraguchi(From the inside). Around here tooIshigakiCan be confirmed.
RightSannomaruIs a ring with the largest area lined with Sakura Baba.
It is thought that the back of this guidance board was raised and some buildings were built.

七尾城/27三の丸石列  七尾城/28安寧寺.
[Left] in the third roundStone ColumnWas divided into several compartments.
Right: On the north side of the SanomaruRuins of the Temple of Peace。 There is the memorial of the tombstone and the war dead of Mr. Hatakeyama.

七尾城/29番所. 七尾城/30切通し沓掛
Left: From the ruins of the Temple of PeaceMajor RoadGo down to the directionThe Sentinel Ruins
Go inside and hold on.EarthyIs left.
The major road continues to the foot, but it turns back and is between the kutsukake and the hakama waist.Kiritoshi.

七尾城/31とよの水  七尾城/32寺子屋
[Left] The east side of the wheel Army returns along the original major road.
One of the hands of the water that was along the major roadYosui No Mizu。 It seems not to have withered.
[Right] when I digress from the front to the east side to return to the furnishings circleTerayashikiIt is called.
Of mysteryEarth TowerAndWell marksYou can check the recess that seems to be.

七尾城/33調度丸へ.  七尾城/34本丸下堀
Left: The road back to the furnishing circle is a wonderful sight, but the original major road was left, and when was this road developed?
Right: Now, back to the parking lot, deep in the west side of the HonmaruHorikiri。 It might be the one using the natural topography.
From here to the Castle Road to the west side of the ring groupLong MansionThere is a doorway to the butterfly.

七尾城/35長屋敷石垣  七尾城/36長屋敷
Left: Honmaru and IndependentLong MansionWas still a heavy minister.Mr. LongIt might be that there was a mansion. It can be said that the castle with a lot of independence like this is often not so strong the power of the Lord, and shows the weakness of Mr. Hatakeyama’s terminal exactly.
[Right] The long mansion is made up of a few steps of inflection, but such a sharpKirikishiIs still there.

七尾城/37長屋敷土塁  七尾城/38長屋敷虎口
Left: The east side of the long mansion is a hugeHorikiriThe ridge is cut off, and the surface is highEarthyIt seems to be put in the sense that it is built. I walked on the base of the Earth, but the bottom of Horikiri did not feel can climb very much under the attack.
Right in the long mansionPassingIshigakiCan be confirmed.

七尾城/39城道  七尾城/40大堀切.
Left: I am looking at the Castle Road which follows the tune group in the west Side from the place where it descended from the long mansion. It seems to be quite rough, but I want to go sometime.
Right: Return to the roadway and head up to the top of the long mansion.DaihorikiriThe cross section of the face.
It is a little confusing and it is good to look carefully.

七尾城/41百閒馬場  七尾城/42七尾城眺望.jpg
Left: I will climb the roadway fastHyakuba BabaNow there’s a place calledShiroyama ObservatoryIt is maintained as.
[Right] from this observatory you can view the Nanao Castle from above.

七尾城/43七尾城資料館  七尾城/44城門.jpg
Left: I came down to the foot of the mountainNanao Castle Museum。 The reproduction at that time by CG here is wonderful, so please take a look.
The right side of the museumGatesHad been neglected.
Was on the way to HonmaruMedicine GateIt is said, in the city of NanaoSaikoji TempleIt seems to have been donated to have been relocated, the question remains whether this is good in the preservation state.

七尾城/45惣構え.jpg  七尾城・処刑場
[Left] Nanao Castle is in the foothillsSo poised. It seems that the step of the rice field of the photograph is a remnant.
[Right] I look at the topography of the landscape from the side. There was a place of execution in an independent forest in front.

The famous Nanao Castle of Noto is a high profile than Mr. Hatakeyama who was Lord.
In spite of the history that troubled Kenshin, the scale and the ruins are wonderful, and it is not possible to see all at any time, and to be tired, and it is the best castle fortress in the whole country.

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