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No. 274: Moridera Castle (large-scale mountain castle that holds the Noh border)

No. 274: Moridera Castle (large-scale mountain castle that holds the Noh border)

Date of Visit: October, 2016

Moridera CastleIs a castle in Himi city, Toyama Prefecture.
This castle, which is a large class, isCity Historic SiteIs also specified.
Noto Guardian in the sixteenth centuryYoshitatsu HatakeyamaIs originally built byYunyamashiroWas called.
It is said that it played a role to suppress the boundary between Noto and Etin to capture the highway.
After the destruction of Mr. HatakeyamaMr. UesugiAndMr. ODAIt is thought that it was under the control of, but the stone wall which remains at present is likely to be a renovation of the ODA period. Then, the NotoRie MaedaAnd theNarimasaIt seems to have worked as a front line of the Sassa how when the struggle, Noto, both of the etin, and it seems to have finished the role with nature when it comes to the territory of Maeda Toshito.

森寺城/02駐車場.jpg  森寺城/01入口.jpg
There is a parking lot in the left, and a guide board is here.
Right: Go up the stairs of the left hand and it is a honmaru direction, but first, the dirt road is straight to see rearm mouth.

The castle area is a long slender territory that is more than 1km to the north and south, but from the location of the parking lot, it is better to look at the center and the rearm of one of the highlights on the northern tip of the center.

森寺城/03寺坂屋敷.jpg  森寺城/05搦手枡形.jpg
Left: On the right of the dirt roadTerasaka Mansion
[Right] here isRearm Mouth Masugata。 With a stunning flexionEarthyIs.

It is understood that it is defended firmly to Horikiri and the ground base according to the guidance board.

森寺城/04搦手竪堀.jpg  森寺城/06分岐.jpg
[Left] This is next to the soil base on the west side of Masugata.HorikiriIs. When you see the masugata, turn back and head to the center.
Right: Head right to the center of the castle area. Go straight back to the parking lot.

森寺城/07堀切11.jpg  森寺城/08櫓台H.jpg
It is thought that the Castle Road which pierces the castle area to the north and South was used as a highway, but it is possible to confirm a careful defense mechanism in various places. Walk for a while and show upHorikiri
[Right] the tower stand which will irradiate the enemy who invites Horikiri.

森寺城/10屈曲.jpg  森寺城/09二重堀切.jpg
Left: The Castle Road which was bent to the character of the hook.
When you are invited hereTower StandAttack from both sides of the road.Double HorikiriThe course is blocked.
RightDouble HorikiriOne of. The degree of survival.

森寺城/11百閒馬場.jpg  森寺城/12斉田屋敷.jpg
LeftHyakken BabaA long slender space called. It might have run the horse.
RightSaida MansionI can see the top. Below isHonmachiIt is called the place where there was the mansion of the senior samurai.

森寺城/13斉田屋敷上.jpg  森寺城/14カンジャ屋敷.jpg
LeftSaida Mansion. It is like the ruins of Mr. Saida’s mansion.
[Right] to go further and to the left handKanja Mansion
Behind thisKim ToyamaIt seems to be a tune that has the area next to Honmaru and Ninomaru, which is called (Yamato, etc.), but it seems to be difficult to reach undeveloped.

森寺城/15大手側.jpg  森寺城/15踏段堂.JPG
[Left] The castle road is bent on the major side of the south end. This is a structure to be monitored from the wheel of information.
[Right] hereStep HallThere is a place called (abundance), and it wraps because it becomes near the south end of the castle area.

森寺城/16野崎へ.jpg  森寺城/17野崎屋敷.jpg
Let’s turn left and look at Nozaki mansion before heading toward Honmaru.
Right: Walking for a whileNozaki YashikiArrived.
This melody which is transmitted to the residence ruins of Mr. Nozaki is a ring that an interesting defense mechanism remains.

Earth base, Well, DaihorikiriIn addition toRidge-like vertical moat, And it is a very independent melody.

森寺城/18野崎土塁.jpg  森寺城/19野崎井戸.jpg
Left only a littleGround base
[Right] pretty bigWell marks

森寺城/20野崎大堀切.jpg  森寺城/21畝状堀.jpg
[Left] in the YellDaihorikiriI went down to. Great.
[Right] andRidge-like vertical moatWas left firmly, but did not take a sense of the ridge in the photograph.

森寺城/22本丸へ.jpg  森寺城/23本丸虎口4.jpg
[Left] I finally head towards Honmaru.
[Right] on the south side of NinomaruPassing。 FirmlyIshigakiIt is hardened in.

Ninomaru and Honmaru are very wide space, but the moat which was originally as it is in the Guide board has been buried, and it has become like the heck.

森寺城/24二の丸.jpg  森寺城/26本丸石垣.jpg
[Left] WideNinomaruThe place enclosed by the stone wall which is seen in the back ofHonmaruIs.
RightHonmaruWas surroundedIshigaki

森寺城/25本丸.jpg  森寺城/27二の丸井戸.jpg
LeftHonmaruInside state.
RightNinomaruA huge left inWell marks

森寺城/28二の丸竪堀.jpg  森寺城/29二の丸石垣.jpg
[Left] remains on the north side of NinomaruVertical Moat
【 Right 】 NinomaruNorth Side Tiger MouthRemain inIshigaki

It is a large mountain fortress which is popular for castle lovers.
It is an important base where the border of Noto and Etin is held until the end of the Warring States Period, but you can enjoy both the high-independence tune group which is good in the turf of Mr. Hatakeyama, and a splendid stone wall renovated in the weaving period.

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