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No. 275: Sara Genba Oshiro (masterpiece of the castle in the Battle of Sage Dake)

No. 275: Sara Genba Oshiro (masterpiece of the castle in the Battle of Sage Dake)

Date of Visit: June, 2016

Sara Genba OshiroThe castle was prefectures in Tsuruga City, Fukui Prefecture and Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture.
Nakoyama CastleAndInner Nakaoyama CastleIs also called.
Country Historic SitesIs specified in theJapan 100 CastleIt has also been selected.
The place of the main Guo is in the Shiga prefecture where it worries whether to categorized to either Fukui Prefecture or Shiga prefecture because it is in the prefectures, and it put it as Fukui Prefecture according to 100 Castle.
1583Hideyoshi HashibaAndKatsuto ShibataKnown in the Fray ofBattle of Sage Dake, Many castles and forts were built as the confrontation between the two armies became longer. Among these, the castle which the Shibata Katsuto put the Honjin was a castle developed of a large defense mechanism of the scale, and it might be appropriate that the castle which had been prepared beforehand rather than having been built in the emergency place. It is also characterized that the ruins are left in a very good condition because the Katsuto who lost the war threw away the castle without fighting.

玄蕃尾城/01入口.jpg  玄蕃尾城/02分岐.jpg
The left is built on a mountain of about 300m high, but you can drive up considerably.
There is a parking space and a pamphlet is put in place and it obtains and it starts.
[Right] There is a branch point when the pass called the sword Crossing is advanced. Sara Genba Oshiro goes to the left

玄蕃尾城/案内  玄蕃尾城/03道中.jpg

Left: Local information board. Access from the major area below.
Upper right: From the branch point to the inside of the morning mist to 10-15 minutes, enter the castle area with the guide board.
Bottom rightBig Tiger MouthArrived at.EarthyAndHoriIt is protected firmly by.

玄蕃尾城/虎口曲輪大手  玄蕃尾城/08土塁Ⅶ郭.jpg
Left: Leading side at the bottom of the Guide boardTiger Mouth GuoInside.
With a wide circle of the area, a splendid surroundingEarthyYou can see how it is surrounded by.
[Right] well leftEarthy。 There is also wide and wide height.

玄蕃尾城/06大手堀郭.jpg  玄蕃尾城/07堀切Ⅶ郭南.jpg
[Left] along the west side of the Toraguchi GuoHori
Right: In the southeast of Toraguchi GuoHorikiri

玄蕃尾城/09曲輪6へ.jpg  玄蕃尾城/10東虎口.jpg
[Left] between the long thin inflection wheel on the north side of oneHorikiriNarrowed down in the course ofDobashiIt is a cross-structure. While bending at the back of the nextPassingIn the future.
[Right] of the previous tiger mouth GuoOne side of the north。 On the Guide board as beforeTiger Mouth GuoIt is described.Higashi-ToraguchiThis tiger mouth shown in the-Hyochu and is penetrated with a large bendMasugata structureIs.

玄蕃尾城/11虎口郭6.j  玄蕃尾城/12堀切4と6.jpg
[Left] long and slender this inflection wheel is stillEarthy, And it is thought that it played a role to accumulate the soldier in conjunction with the following horse out enclosure and to sortie at a dash.
Right: Built on the south side of the horse-out GuoHoriSeems to be a structure for prescriptive the enemy who has overcome the soil base of the tiger mouth Guo and is likely to be dropped again.

玄蕃尾城/13曲輪4.jpg  玄蕃尾城/14主郭.jpg
Left: Seen from the main GuoHorse out GuoPosition relationship. The castle road can be moved from the back while turning to the character of the hook.
To the south of the Lord GuoEarthyThe horse out enclosure surrounded by is refrained. Of course, you can also accumulate soldiers here.
Right: The center of the castleMain Guo。 On all sidesEarthyIn the northeast is surrounded byTower StandAre provided.

玄蕃尾城/15櫓台  玄蕃尾城/16礎石.jpg
Left: In the back of the main enclosureTower Stand
[Right] to the tower standCornerstoneThere were still some buildings.

玄蕃尾城/18主郭堀.jpg  玄蕃尾城/17張り出し曲輪5.jpg
[Left] along the east side of the main GuoHori
[Right] in the main enclosure, there are three tiger mouths and exit from the east SideOverhanging Guo.
It is thought to have played the role of the lookout tower.
玄蕃尾城/19土橋張り出し.jpg  玄蕃尾城/0主郭虎口(搦手).jpg
[Left] from the main enclosure to the overhanging Guo is a slender photoDobashiVia the
[Right] of the Lord GuoRearm side (north) of the tiger mouth。 The position of the ground base has shiftedEating difference Tiger mouth.

玄蕃尾城/21曲輪2  玄蕃尾城/22土橋搦手へ.jpg
Left: On the north side of the main GuoHorse out GuoIs provided, and it goes sideways to the tiger mouth enclosure on the north side.
【 Right 】 NorthernmostTiger Mouth GuoToDobashiFromEarthyThrough the top of the intrusion.

玄蕃尾城/23搦手.jpg  玄蕃尾城/24土塁搦手郭.jpg
[Left] of the rearm sideTiger Mouth Guo。 It is believed that it has a larger area than the main Guo and played the role of the garrison or the accumulation of goods of soldiers.
Right: AgainEarthySurrounded by the surrounding area.

玄蕃尾城/25堀搦手曲輪堀.jpg  玄蕃尾城/26搦手口.jpg
Left: Like a photograph on the outside of the soil base other than the South SideHoriIs also built.
[Right] here isRearm Toraguchi。 A simpleFlat Tiger Mouth.

After the death of Nobunaga, it is the Battle of Sage Dake, known for his struggle with Hideyoshi Habba and Katsuto Shibata.
The name of the best masterpiece of the castle which prepared for the opposition in the war is high, and the castle which is very popular for the castle lover, and the reason is that it is in good condition in addition to the remaining degree of the remainder.

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