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No. 276: Fort Sage-Dake (Sage lineup in the Battle of Mt. Hashigake)

No. 276: Fort Sage-Dake (Sage lineup in the Battle of Mt. Hashigake)

Date of Visit: June, 2016

Fort Sage DakeIs a castle in Nagahama city, Shiga Prefecture.
Lake BiwaAndLake YokureWho rose to the narrow areas of the land.Sage AndakeIt is built in. The first look on historical materials was 1573,Oda NobunagaAnd was in a state of warNagamasa AsaiAs a relief armyYoshikei AsakuraSoldiers are lineup.
It broke out after the death of the year 1583.Hideyoshi HashibaAndKatsuto ShibataKnown in the Fray ofBattle of Sage DakeServes as one of the forts, a fortress built in countless. Sage to the fort of Mt. HashibaShigeharu KuwayamaEnters as a MorishoSakuma MoriseiIt was the cause of Hideyoshi’s victory to endure the onslaught of.
In the Battle of Sage Dake, the pursuit of the Hashiba Army was carried out on the northwest Ridge from the fort.

賤ヶ岳砦/01駐車場.jpg  賤ヶ岳砦/02ロープウェイ.jpg
【 Left 】 Sage Dake is a tourist destination and has a parking lot.
Sage Dake LiftHas been visited by quite a few people because it is easily accessible.
[Right] It takes about 40 minutes to climb from the bottom, so take the lift for a short time.

賤ヶ岳砦/03戦没者.jpg  賤ヶ岳砦/04堀切C.jpg
When you get off the lift, you will be able to climb on foot for 10 minutes.
On the way to the shrineSage Gakugake Battle of the land.
[Right] in the middle of this mountain trail, a thin recess that hardly knows if you are not careful is apparentlyHorikiriIt seems to be a remnant of.

賤ヶ岳砦/05登山.jpg  賤ヶ岳砦/06虎口A.jpg
[Left] The altitude is raised at a dash while curvy when the straight section of the mountain trail ends.
RightPassingHas come into view.

The ruins of the castle remain if it is found as this guide board although most people are visiting as an observatory.
First of all, the Guide board (1)South GuoArrives.

賤ヶ岳砦/07虎口A内側.jpg  賤ヶ岳砦/08二郭土塁.jpg
LeftSouth GuoOfPassingLooking from the inside out. I climbed from the back of the right.
[Right] this South GuoNinomaruWide of the horseshoe type in a major inflection wheel that should be calledEarthyRemain firmly.

賤ヶ岳砦/08琵琶湖.JPG  賤ヶ岳砦/08腰曲輪.JPG
Left: A view of Lake Biwa from Minami-Guo to the south.
Right: Prepared for the north side of South GuoWaist inflection wheel。 On the North side (5)Horikiri.

賤ヶ岳砦/09堀切Dへ.jpg  賤ヶ岳砦/10堀切D.jpg
LeftHorikiriHas come into view.
Horikiri (right) (5) is cutting off a ridge that exits to the northwest.

賤ヶ岳砦/11主郭.jpg  賤ヶ岳砦/12史蹟賤ヶ岳.jpg
Left: Come backMain GuoI came to the Guide board (2). It was crowded with climbers.
Right: HistoryRedeemer Sage-DakeAnd the stone monument. Behind the stone monument is a division of the South Guo and the main enclosure.EarthyIs visible.

賤ヶ岳砦/13主郭張出.jpg  賤ヶ岳砦/14余呉湖.jpg
The north side of the main Guo is large as it is in (3) of the Guide board [left]Bulging,YokoyaHas become a hanging structure.
Right: Look to the north of the main GuoLake Yokure。 You can see that the north and south are sandwiched between the lakes.

賤ヶ岳砦/16疲れた兵士.jpg  賤ヶ岳砦/15堀B.jpg
Left: Statue of a tired soldier.
[Right] is considered to have separated the main Guo and North GuoHorikiriPart of.

賤ヶ岳砦/18三郭.jpg  賤ヶ岳/虎口
LeftNorth GuoThe state of the Guide Board (4)). There is a restroom.
Right: Go outside the North exitPassing。 It is a structure masugata sandwiched between ground base.

賤ヶ岳砦/19竪堀C.jpg  賤ヶ岳砦/20塹壕F.jpg
Left: It is in the place where the tiger mouth is pulled outVertical Moat
[Right] I went down further and sharpened the ridgeHorikiri. I hid my men.TrenchesThere seems to be a view.

One of the sites of the famous Sage Dake battle.
Many other forts have been built in the Battle of sage, but there are many destruction of the ruins because it is maintained as a tourist destination, but it is the mountain ruins that can go easily if there is a car.

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