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No. 277: Yamamoto-Yama Castle (mountain Castle protected by Mr. Adachi)

No. 277: Yamamoto-Yama Castle (mountain Castle protected by Mr. Adachi)

Date of Visit: June, 2016

Yamamoto YamashiroIs a castle in Nagahama city, Shiga Prefecture.
It is built in the mountain Motoyama located on the Lake Biwa shore, and it seems to be a seemingly independent peak from the south side, but the back is located at the edge of the mountain range which sage to the direction of Mt. Komagatake. There is a mountain climber who traverse for this, and the mountain trail is maintained enough.
The end of the Heian period Yamamoto GenjiYoshitsune YamamotoWas based, but it began in the year 1570 to make this castle famous.Oda NobunagaAndNagamasa AsaiIt is a fight with. Yamamoto Yamashiro is home to Mr. Asai.Otari CastleAs an important castle located on the west side ofSadayuki AdachiIt was defended by (oh Tsuyuki).
In 1573, the Sadayuki surrendered to Nobunaga’s army.Otari CastleThe defensive power of the city fell remarkably, and Mr. Asai was going to ruin it.

山本山城/01遠景.JPG  山本山城/02朝日山神社.JPG
Left: The distant view of Yamamoto Yamashiro from the south.
RightAsahi-Yama ShrineThere is a climbing gate in front of the precinct.

山本山城/03入口.JPG  山本山城/04山本判官古城跡.JPG
[Left] here is the entrance.
It is a tough mountain climbing even though it is maintained because 40 minutes will climb.
[Right] it was going to rise and immediately.Yamamoto Hangan FurucastleOfStone monument

山本山城/05常楽寺.JPG  山本山城/06登山道.JPG
LeftTsunaku-ji TempleThe next.
[Right] I go up the Long Mountain Road single-mindedly.

山本山城/07三の丸.JPG  山本山城/08三の丸堀切.JPG
LeftSannomaruArrived at.EarthyThe east side of the main part is surrounded by a wheel.
Right: When you go out of the tiger mouth from the Sanomaru to the NinomaruHorikiriCan be confirmed.

山本山城/09二の丸.JPG  山本山城/10主郭虎口南.JPG
LeftNinomaru, But it has a considerable area.
This melody has undergone a considerable alteration, and it is difficult to confirm the ruins.
RightMain GuoOpened on the south side of thePassingIs.

山本山城/11主郭取ら内内側.JPG  山本山城/12主郭土塁.JPG
[Left] The main Guo Tiger mouth is wideEarthyYou can see how it is open to the gaping.
RightMain GuoOn all sidesEarthyIt is the circle surrounded by.

山本山城/  山本山城/14主郭土塁横を進む.JPG
Left: Opened on the east side of the main GuoPassing
[Right] the current mountain trail goes beyond the base of the ground in the north side of the main Guo as it is, but originally it went out from this east Side Tiger mouth and along the outside of the main Guo base like the photographObi-Song RingTo the north of the

山本山城/15主郭北堀.JPG  山本山城/16四郭.JPG
Left: Dug on the north side of the main GuoHorikiri。 At that time, it seems to have passed Horikiri by a wooden bridge.
Right: Beyond Horikiri on the north sideSogawa
With a pretty slender inflection wheelRuins of the second BabaThere was a guide that.

山本山城/17馬の蹴跡.JPG  山本山城/18大堀切へ.JPG
[Left] at the tip of the second Baba TrailHorse Kick
I did not know which one was the kick mark, it might be because there were some stones.
The tip of the horse’s kick cut the ridge to the exciting side.DaihorikiriIs.

山本山城/19大堀切.JPG  山本山城/20五郭切岸.JPG
[Left] This castle is the largestHorikiriWas.
[Right] of the wheel of the horse kick mark from the melody that exceeded DaihorikiriKirikishiLooking at

山本山城/21薄い堀切.JPG  山本山城/22二重堀切.JPG
Left: the destination of DaihorikiriSogawaThe inside of a shallowHorikiriIt seems to have been partitioned in.
[Right] further beyondDouble Horikiri。 Personally, it’s my favorite place.

山本山城/23九郭.JPG  山本山城/24十郭土塁.JPG
Left: Double Horikiri’s destinationSogawaHas a considerable area of long and thin.
Right: At the north endSogawaArrived. It’s broken.EarthyIs built.

山本山城/25眺望.JPG  山本山城/26突端の堀.JPG
Left: A little open view from the north end of the song.
Right: North side of the wheelHorikiriIs built.

Otari CastleThe surrender of the Sadatada, which contributed to the fall of the castle. I wanted to go to one scene of this little history. By the way, the Akechi was defeated crucifixion about the way of the Battle of Yamazaki.

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