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No. 278: Mikumo Castle (the castle of Mr. Mitsukumo who escaped Mr. Hex)

No. 278: Mikumo Castle (the castle of Mr. Mitsukumo who escaped Mr. Hex)

Date of Visit: September, 2016

Mikumo CastleIs a castle in Hunan City, Shiga Prefecture.
In 1488Hex High-RaiWas an influential country of Koga when it was attacked by the Shogunate armySanunori ZenIt is transmitted that it was made to be built in. Mr. MikumoKoga 53rd HouseI served as one of the hex Mr. Who was a feudal lord from the Guardian daimyo of Minami Omi.
The hex of 1563 is a mess inside Mr.Kanonji uproarEven whenYoshitaka Rokkaku, YoshiharuButKanonji CastleI ran into this castle from. As in the time of the invasion of Oda Nobunaga in 1568, Yoshiken and Yoshiharu fled,Hex Mr. Castle EscapeIt is known as. Because Mr. Mikumo himself served to the downfall of Mr. Hex, the 3-Cloud Castle of 1570Sakuma NobumoriBy the attack. It is the last lord of this castle.MikumoOf nephewSamun Sausuke, KenharuButSanada Ten WarriorKnown byMonkey Fei-SukeThere is also a theory that the model of.

三雲城/01遠景.jp  三雲城/02猿飛佐助.jpg
Left: The distant view of Mikumo Castle. Well observed and famousHachijo RockYou can see from the foot.
[Right] sittin’ in 2016 NHK taiga drama [Sanada Maru],Monkey Fei-SukeIt seems to be pushing the birthplace legend of the birth.

Local Information board. Still the biggest attractions are the majorMasugata ToraguchiRight.

三雲城/03入口.jpg  三雲城/04登城口.jpg
There is enough space left to stop the car in the vicinity of the entrance.
[Right] the state of the entrance.

三雲城/05近代の石垣.jpg  三雲城/06兵站地.jpg
Left: The Ishigaki group is going to climb in a straight line aiming at a major. It is confusing, but this is the remains of the modern era.
For guidanceModern Haruyama IshigakiBecause there is, I do not make a mistake.
[Right] a little bit of the sweet look on your right to climb for a whileSogawa。 It seems to have been used as a garrison of soldiers and has a considerable area. Also on the Guide boardLogistics Area.

三雲城/07主郭切岸.  三雲城/08主郭北東辺の石垣.jpg
[Left] in front of your eyesMain GuoOf the excitingKirikishiHas come into view.
[Right] on this shoreIshigaki。 Use a pretty big stone.

三雲城/大手  三雲城/10大手枡形.jpg
The biggest attraction leftMajor Masugata ToraguchiHas come into view.
RightMajor Masugata ToraguchiArrived. AnywayIshigakiI have a big impression of the stone.

三雲城/11矢穴列痕.jpg  三雲城/12枡形情報.jpg
Left: The mark of the wedge which can be made when the stone is divided.
Stone Cut hole column markIt has been introduced, but simplyArrow HoleI feel like that a lot.
RightMasugata ToraguchiLook upwards. Remains very clear.

三雲城/13主郭全景.jpg  三雲城/14井戸.jpg
Left: The center of the castle is passed through the tiger mouth.Main Guo
EarthyIt seems to have been here and the Lord of the area widely surrounded by.
[Right] large scale remains in the main enclosureWell marks。 In depth 6m, the inside is hardened by the stone wall of the field piling by the Anita crowd.

三雲城/15主郭土塁.jpg  三雲城/16土塁上.jpg
Left: High behind the main GuoEarthy。 Access to the highest point on this street.
RightEarthyThe state of the main Guo is seen from above. High.

三雲城/17竪堀.jpg  三雲城/18山頂郭の石垣.jpg
[Left] There are countless other castles outside the main enclosureVertical MoatIt is difficult to understand by the grass although it seems to be dug.
Right: It was built in the protrusion of the bend of the summit partIshigaki

三雲城/19山頂郭.jpg  三雲城/20眺望.jpg
Left: The top of the mountainSogawa。 At the beginning of the Guide boardCastle 2.
In the back you can see the boulders that are often found in this castle.
[Right] it seems that the view is good only at the highest point, and it functions as a watch stand.

三雲城/21三郭.JPG  三雲城/21二郭へ.jpg
[Left] Some inflection rings are developed from the summit, and they are developed in the east.Castle 3The guide is not blocked by the grass though there is a guidance.
[Right] expand further southCastle 4.

三雲城/22堀切.jpg 三雲城/23二郭.jpg
[Left] ThisHorikiri, It is the Fortress 4 which is an independent tune ring.
RightCastle 4.EarthyBut it was difficult to understand by the plant.

三雲城/24山頂石垣.JPG  三雲城/24城石.jpg
[Left] to return to the top of the mountain and look upwards at some places going down to the main GuoIshigakiCan be confirmed.
The right has fallen from the topIshigakiOn the roadside. FirmArrow HoleIs left.

三雲城/25大土塁.jpg  三雲城/26馬の背.jpg
Left: Not the castle ruins, but another famous rockHachijo RockBehind the logistics ground to aim atEarthyAccess from the top of the.
Right: on the ground baseHorse Back RoadIt is a narrow road to be guided.

三雲城/28六角岩.jpg  三雲城/27六角家紋.jpg
[Left] The megalithic groups behind the Hachijo Rock are also the highlight.Engraved Rock of the hex Mr. Crest
[Right] If you look closely, Mr. Hex’s family crest is carved. WHO carved it when?

三雲城/29八丈岩.jpg  三雲城/30八丈からの眺望.jpg
[Left] towering boulders unstable in unstable place.Hachijo Rock
It is popular for the admission of the examination because it does not fall somehow.
【 Right 】 View from Hachijo Rock.

Although the end is a castle of escape of Mr. Hex of a lot of hetalia feeling full of running away, the castle of the hexagonal Mr System is good that there are many castles of the old age stone building.
You can drive up to the top, so it is easy to climb and recommend.

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