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November 24 (Sat.) at night at Shinjuku Kabuki-cho “BAR

November 24 (Sat.) at night at Shinjuku Kabuki-cho “BAR

Good evening, everyone. This time, I will write about the BAR, not the Maid café.
I went to Shinjuku Kabuki-cho on the night of November 24th, the night before my birthday.
In Kabukicho, there is a BAR where I sometimes go.
On the eve of my birthday, I went to Shinjuku Kabuki-cho to spend the night in a quiet BAR rather than a maid café in Akihabara.
Kabuki-machi was a lively night in the middle of a long holiday.
Kabuki-machi is the entertainment district where there are many restaurants, such as cabaret, host clubs, snacks and BARS, but there is a BAR where you can spend the quiet like the beaten path.
It is a BAR .
Learn more about our shops.
The food is a dining bar and there are not many dishes like a restaurant, but you can also taste delicious sake while tasting delicious pasta and meat dishes.
In addition, the shop of this place takes the operation form called two hair work , and is a maid café in daytime, AND a dining bar at night .
The Maid Cafe is named “Chouchoulu” (Shusur) .
It is a pastry chef who makes sweets, and it is open in April, 2018.
Opening hours are from 13:00 to 17:00 until the bar is opened.
In Shusur , a pastry chef (maid) makes sweets and greets guests warmly. They cook waffles and cakes in front of your eyes, so you can taste the fresh sweets.
The kabuki town in daytime is easy to go without the image of fear that most are closed because the restaurant is open from the night.
The security is much better than before at night, and there is no problem that the woman of the tourist can walk safely. However, there is a attracting…
In addition, there is a membership system on the side of the door, so anyone can enter and open the door.

When I entered the shop, the customer was not just, and the owner’s Mr . And the Lady Bartender’s spring greeted me with a smile.

I told them to go to the night on Twitter beforehand.
I sat at the counter seat and told him that I wanted to eat something, so I recommended it in the menu.
This time I ordered a dish using the mangalica pork , which is said to be a national treasure eaten by European Hungary .
To learn more about Mangalica pigs , please visit THE following website.
It is an Italian chef, but the taste of the dish is exceptional.
Until the food was ready, we had a cocktail of aperitifs made by Mr. Haru .
It makes you feel like your appetite is increasing.

It was hoped that it was a rare meat listening to the pork of the national treasure to be eaten.
The owner , who is very particular about the ingredients, used to eat a kangaroo meat dish.

This is a dish using mangalica pork and vegetables.

I heard that the meat is soft and delicious, especially the fat part.

After I had the meat dish, I talked about it in a wide range of topics, such as the world situation based on the recent news, and the history of Japan, such as Mr. Haru , and Shinjuku Kabuki-cho.
Second Cup was able to talk in a quiet space while taking a cocktail.

Bar is a quiet shop, so I think it’s a good idea to have a quiet drink alone or on a date.

There is also a table seat at the back of the counter, so you can party charter.
I think that it is easy to use the shop in the celebration because it makes the cake according to the budget, too.
After this, she prepared a birthday cake for me and celebrated it on the day before my birthday.
This is a cake that I made beforehand, and I was thrilled to have written a congratulatory word on the plate.
The cake was a big size to eat alone, but it was delicious.
It was a luxurious cake with fruit.

After this, we had a good time with the third Cup whisky-based cocktail “The Godfather” .

I stayed here for about two and a half hours, but it was a memorable birthday eve.
I went back to my home straight in the mood of horsickness taste delicious food and sake.
I would like to thank the owner, Mr . and the bartender.
I wanted to go to the bar in the future regularly.


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