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Nukabira Onsen

Nukabira Onsen


The monkey riding brother who was together in the log Yukari when I came to Hokkaido last year is “Nupyeong hot spring, yes! Because it was said, (though it was not such a Kansai dialect), this time I visited the Lake Nupyeong and the sightseeing of Taushbetsu Bridge concurrently.

Nupyeong Onsen.


This is the first Nupyeong onsen in my life.


This is a hot spring town, but there is not a definite hot spring city, but there are about 10 ryokans and pensions.

In addition, the hotel and ryokan in this hot spring are very interested in the slogan of the “withholding sink declaration” that was involved in the sink.


I think that the source is swept away with the Tobago!! ← Expected



This time I bought the Hot Water tour bill for 1,200 yen.

This is a ticket that three hot springs of a favorite ryokan in Nuhei are put in.

It is possible to bathe in real one at 400 yen.


In this time, I took a bath of the following four hotels.


  • Nakamuraya
  • Nuheikan Kanko Hotel
  • Original Yumoto-Kan
  • Primal Stage


There are only three places to put in the Hot Water tour bill because the Nuheikan Kanko Hotel did not correspond to the Hot Water tour Bill ….


In the following, I will continue to write a review.




■ Nakamuraya


I came to the Nupyeong hot spring after seeing the Taushubetsu bridge in the morning, but it is this nakamuraya who had been operating a day bathing from early in the morning.

I only opened it here at first, but I entered it just because it was suitable.


The forecast was greatly exceeded!






The appearance is not likely to be able to expect too much when something is old.



I bought the hot Water tour bill at the reception.


This is actually 500 yen, but it is 400 yen because I used the bill of hot water tour immediately.






The hotel is surprisingly trim.


The rooms are clean.



Cold water Service



The service is very generous here.


In addition to the service of cold water, there are services such as original potato chips, sweet natto or espresso coffee in the lobby.


It’s pretty much the way!



A dressing room



It’s a real bath….


The tension rises because it is very wide, it is beautiful, and it is a high quality feeling!



Indoor Bath



When I entered the indoor bath at about 8 in the morning, there were about two other people, but I was almost chartered because I went out soon.


The source of the tree is poured from the wind and it is thrown out.


Indoor bath temperature was 41. The room was clean and comfortable.



The spring quality is a chloride and bicarbonate spring.


But the hot spring component is almost a simple spring because it is over the last minute 1g.

Hot spring? Is it so? .



Hallway leading to open-air bath



I went to the outdoor bath.


It is mixed bathing outdoor bath .


There are a lot of mixed bathing in Nukabira hot spring .

Three of the four hot springs that we entered this time are mixed bathing outdoor baths.



Outdoor Bath




Because it is not so wide even if it is said mixed bathing, it is not so much different from an outdoor bath of usual men and women.

It is a level that is afraid to enter if you already super beautiful older sister is in the middle of the bath.


However, there was a need to make the outdoor bath mixed bathing arrangements leave question.

I wonder if there was any financial or spatial reason why two men and women could not make an outdoor bath.


By the way, this time I was in the state Charter.



And, when I tried to enter the bath, a corpse of countless insects floated on the bathing surface.

“Insects and leaves also love the hot spring” I recalled the catch of the poster that is common in the mountains of the mountain, this is exactly “I like the level of dying ! I thought.


It is a level that you will want to go back and fainted when the person who really hates insects sees .


In the wind, the insect world.


However, because the net is equipped with such a thing, if the corpse is scooped in the net, it becomes considerably beautiful.

It becomes beautiful, but the corpse which floats on the bath surface increases by the insect’s thrusting in momentarily.


If you scoop the corpse of the right end, carcass increases on the left… It is a aspect of the sense of being.


There are many carcasses like antlion, and the carcass increases by about two animals per minute.


A fine carcass (a cofly? In consideration, about six animals per minute.


Sometimes it’s a big big thing. Arthropods? And a giant moth will increase by one animal in three minutes.


So, in the end, I spent the last scoop on the net just around me.


Because there seems to be a seasonal thing, I feel good in winter or not.



Mysterious insect carcass



The outdoor bath is about 26.5 °c and is quite hot.


It is a fairly bullish temperature setting.






It is a very good inn for 500 yen.



Overall rating 4.3
Fee 500 yen (real 400 yen for hot Water tour ticket)
Amenity shampoo, conditioner, body soap, lotion
Equivalent to facility Ryokan

Service coffee, tea, cold water, candy, sweet Natto

Attaching bath, open-air bath (mixed bathing)
Spring quality sodium, calcium, magnesium-sulfate, chloride spring

Business hours 7:30 ~ 20:00

Bathing Day 2018/6/5






Nuheikan Kanko Hotel


The next bathing of Nakamuraya is the Nuheikan Kanko hotel.


Someone said, “There is no good place for a hotel with a tourist” called “200 tourist hotel (in the middle of a hot spring name)”, but it is strange to say well.







I went to the reception to show the hot water over the bill, here is that this bill does not correspond….


In, it was a thing that the bath fee 1000 yen when I made to pay in cash!


I was not able to hide the color of surprise in the price setting is considerably more bullish than the inn around a little, but I decided to bathing here.






The hotel is relatively clean.



A dressing room




Indoor bath and open-air bath




There are indoor bath and open-air baths for men and mixed bathing open-air baths.


The indoor bath of the hotel’s outdoor bath was lukewarm.


However, the seed of the mysterious plant and the corpse of the insect were floated here.


There was a sauna and a Mizukaru, and it was quite happy for me in the sauist.


Speaking of difficulty, there is a shampoo and body soap, but there is no conditioner, and the hair of the manufacturer unknown was a wiggles….


Well, I’m fine, but I’m not disappointed that this is a.. . A thousand yen for the amenity that the hot spring Inn around 500 yen is stuck.


And, it is the outdoor bath of mixed bathing, but it is necessary to move wearing clothes once because it is not connected from the bathroom.






I go out and walk down the stairs.





You can see the mixed bathing outdoor bath.





There is nothing to block and openly.






There is no other thing that blocks at the joint open-air bath of Gero Onsen or the joint open-air bath of Misasa hot spring.


It’s wild.

It’s wild! Is.


It is full view though it is changing from the outdoor bath both men and women to the dressing room.


So a woman might need a little courage to enter.


There is also a woman-only time is provided, but I can see from the room openly in this way, I wonder why there is a sense in full view from the indoor bath men? I also feel that….



When I entered the state was chartered, so relax was able to lukewarm if you feel good to enter!






Because there are a lot of places around the same as the spring quality here, it might be better to go to a different place if this rate is put out to the hot spring here.




Overall rating 2.4
Price: 1000 yen
Amenity shampoo, body soap, shaving
Equivalent to facility Ryokan

Service cold water (lukewarm)

Attaching bath, open-air bath, sauna, Mizukaru
Spring quality sodium chloride and bicarbonate spring

Security wall Holes Boko
Business hours 11:30 ~ 17:00

Bathing Day 2018/6/5






Original Yumoto-kan


It is a hot spring which I wanted to enter by all means in this place of the birthplace of Nupyeong hot spring.


The monkey bike rider I met last year said that he stayed here. Maybe


It seems that it doubles as a rider house now. (1,500 yen per night)






It is hard to say that the appearance is beautiful to compliment.

It is the oldest inn in this area, and I thought that it might be in the house after all.



But it was very beautiful !



It seems to be a stage in the middle to be reborn neatly by doing the renovation work considerably now.




Indoor Bath



The dressing room and the large public bath are beautiful, and it is renovated well.



Hinoki Bath



Mixed bathing hot water



The outdoor bath of mixed bathing is like the stage which has not been renovated yet.

I’m sorry about everything.



There are two hot springs in the water, and one place is the Chororo choro and the Painted hot spring, which draws a lofty orbit.


There is not even a hot spring in another place.


I’m not gonna let you hit this.




Mixed bathing open-air bath (sorry in breble…)



The outdoor bath was a charter state.


The dead insect and the seed of a strange grass were floated here, too, and the corpse etc. are sucked there fast because it is devised for the discharge of the pipe here.


It is a fairly beautiful open-air bath compared with other hot-spring hotels because the flow without a without stagnation is formed from the exit of the hot spring to the discharge port.


It’s pretty much the way.


The outdoor bath of mixed bathing here is not so big, but it settles down somehow because a big rock is enshrined in the center.


It is a feeling that the edge or the corner increases by the thing with the rock.



This day, the outdoor bath is connected from the indoor bath for men, but we can move quickly to each other, but women need to wear clothes from indoor bath and head for an outdoor bath.


Because the indoor bath of the man and woman changes with a daily or something, it becomes the opposite situation at that time.



A washing place



The rooms are very clean.


The shampoo and conditioner can be selected Pantene or Asience!


The inn with these feelings is my favorite!



A resting place



The resting place here is also beautiful and it becomes a modern feeling.


I do not underestimate the rider House.






I think it is 500 yen and revisit is positively Ali.



Overall rating 4.5
Fee 500 yen (real 400 yen for hot Water tour ticket)
2 Types of amenity (shampoo, conditioner, body soap)
Facility dryer, equivalent to Ryokan

Service Cold water

Attaching Bath x2, open-air bath, struck hot water
Spring quality sodium chloride and bicarbonate spring

Business hours 8:30 ~ 20:00

Bathing Day 2018/6/5







Primalstage (Primal Stage)


Since I had to digest the ticket, I chose this primalstage with an outdoor bath.






This is like a cottage-style hut building.


There is a reception and a hot spring in the hut where there is a restaurant.



Indoor Bath



Indoor bath is quite normal, I feel a little outgrown.


It was a little hot at 41.8 °c.



Outdoor Bath



The open-air bath was still something of a corpse and some seeds floated!


This is no longer a specialty of Nukabira.


This is a float of the open-air bath .



It scooped up all neatly by the net, and the corpse increases still from the next to the next.



The bottom of the open-air bath is a small stone is embedded, this also stimulates the foot pot when you walk.


It hurts a little.


Because the bath itself is narrow without the hydrolysis in the hot spring, the sink is quite hot.


It is a hot spring that seems to like II quite.






Very reasonable.



Overall rating 3.4
Fee 500 yen (real 400 yen for hot Water tour ticket)
Amenity Shampoo, Body soap
Facility Dryer


Attaching bath, open-air bath
Spring quality sodium chloride and bicarbonate spring

The blinds of the security outdoor bath is full of gaps
Business hours 14:00 ~ 22:00

Bathing Day 2018/6/5


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