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Okhotsk Onsen Hotel Hinode-Misaki

Okhotsk Onsen Hotel Hinode-Misaki


I stopped here because I hands time when I stayed at the station of the road of the offended Bae.


What is the view from the bath? Bad? )









This is a decent hotel.


The bathing fee is 500 yen.


Is it the default that the bath fee is 500 yen around here?


It is cheap if it thinks that it comes with the hot spring + amenity + α if it is about 60 yen in the public bath in Kyoto and the downtown area.


The public bath might be only high….




The bathing of the anti-social forces person concerned is not firmly refused.



There are 4 types of indoor bath and open-air baths, Mizukaru and saunas in the public baths.


The indoor bath is separated by a bathtub at 42 °c, 41 °c and 40 °c.


But none of the bathtubs were 40.6 °c in the range of error 0.4 ° C.


Almost the same.


I don’t know what it means to be separated….


The bath tub at 41 °c is a little different in the taste because it is a whirlpool….


The outdoor bath is a similar temperature.



The open-air bath is a view of the sea of Okhotsk, but it is not seen if it does not stand up.


There is no sense of openness credible sorry….



Ingredient table



The spring quality is a chloride spring.


Because it is near the sea, the chloride spring is determined only by it when the seawater is pumped up from the ground (and it is a strong chloride spring) so somehow….

There is not much appreciate.



A resting place



The rest area is spacious and calm.


It is graceful.



There is a training room in addition to the resting place, and the trunk is strengthened.


I can use it for free by the machine which opens and closes the foot or the guy who rides the fat burning by shaking with burble only for 10 minutes.


It was quite crowded.


And I went to take a bath again… It is quite a lot of Hima .






500 yen is cheap in this facility.



Overall rating 3.5
Price 500 yen
Amenity shampoo, conditioner, body soap
Equivalent to the facility general Ryokan, training gym, cartoon

Service Tea, cold water

Attaching Baths (thermostatic bath, low temperature bath, heated water, Mizukaru, hot water), open-air bath
Spring Quality chloride Spring

Business hours 10:00 ~ 21:00

Bathing Day 2018/6/9


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