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On Sunday, December 9, at Shiwasu No’s Akihabara, Maid Cafe “Edge Roman Hall”.

On Sunday, December 9, at Shiwasu No’s Akihabara, Maid Cafe “Edge Roman Hall”.

Good evening, everyone! I went to Akihabara on Saturday and Sunday of the second week of December.


In the two days, we went to the Maid café with a cat-eared Maid Shop , Aqua Princess ,Honeyhoney, the Edge Roman Pavilion and Akiba-Tei .


This time, I will write about the Edge Romantic house (anyway).


This time, it will be an article without an image.


It is a shop with the concept of Taisho Roman, and the maid is called a maid and wears the Yagaba pattern.

I serve it in the thing and the hakama figure.

It is a few Japanese-style maid cafes in Akihabara.


Please see the past article below for details such as the shop system.

Past article (Sunday Akihabara, Maid Café “Edge Roman Pavilion” first infiltration…


It is not a formal feeling but a BAR style of the counter seat only, and it is a very comfortable shop.


I have more than one maid café in Akihabara, but I don’t think there is such a fun place to talk about it.


There is a small number of customers, so I have to relax, but it is easy to talk, but the maid is talking to me openly and happily speak.


When there are a lot of maids, the number of the enrollment is few, and when it is small, one maid is serving from the open to the last.


The number of applicants seems to be low although the maid’s recruitment seems to be at all times.


Akihabara has more than 100 maid cafes, girls bar, cosplay Café & BAR and new stores are open one after another, so many new shops and designs of maid clothes will be applied to a good shop.


Three maids were serving last night.

Rika-San , a piece , was a rookie of Miko .


When I entered, it was just when the regulars ordered champagne and Rika was trying to open the plug.


The maids were drinking champagne while happily chatting with regular people.


There are a lot of conversations between the maid and several customers, and you can also acquainted with other customers.


Rika ‘s maid, a few people are very easy to talk to the regulars and diet, family, and talked about a couple often seen in Akihabara station.

When I say that I’m happy even if I see a young couple kissing at Akihabara station and I pass by, Rika-san said, “Hey, I’m watching,” I have been impressed.

Rika says that Akihabara is an image that is not a place to love because it is the town of Wotak.


Well, I’m a good old age, so young people’s love is a warm and watchful posture, but Rika ‘s and maids of the younger generation seem not to feel good even if it sees. (^ ^;)


After going to travel when I was dating with ex-girlfriend in the past because there is little mixed bathing to go to super hot springs and local hot springs, it was also excited about the topic.


Regulars come in one after another in the evening, and this day, there is a regular of the second time and it has become not lively.


The story that the maid who graduated from the affiliate shop one month ago when I talked with a regular was coming back from Rika-san and everyone is surprised.

There were circumstances, but I was surprised at the generous attitude of the shop which accepted it though it was not during the graduation.

But that’s a reasonable reason.

Because the period is not vacant after graduating, I am familiar with the shop, and the training is unnecessary and becomes a force immediately.

It becomes a plus for the shop that the maid who becomes immediate force comes back.

The response of the regular customers also seemed to be glad to return with something warm unexpectedly.


The Border Roman Pavilion and the affiliated store are complying with the working hours and wages stipulated by the law, and the rest is neatly taken.

It seems not to impose an excessive burden on the maid’s.

It is not likely to be dismissed in the name of the contract violation in the Maid café well.

There is a minimum rule to protect, but there seems to be no strict rules like other stores.


* It is strict in comparison with other stores to receive the present from the visitor.

  It is forbidden to receive in all the affiliated stores.


The maid who graduated also felt that the shop which graduated by the work of another shop was easy to work and came back.


Rika ‘s previous work at a certain fast food shop compared it to an eight-hour-long (no-break) experience, and said that the curb Roman pavilion was easy to work with.


If you want to become a maid, the Edge Roman Pavilion , for those who ru , why not try to make a candidate shop, such as the Sky Mika .


In conversation with a regular, I came out of the Nagoya affiliate Store (the Angel Maid ).


I have written about the past article.

March 3 (Sat) Nagoya OSU Maid Cafe


See the article about Angel Maid.

In Nagoya/OSU Maid Cafe “Angel Maid”


The regulars were very interested in the two shops, and when they went to Nagoya, they talked about wanting to stop by.


I was also easy to introduce both stores, the reputation of the event of the maid of the Angel Maid of Purrin-chan also Edge Romantic museum I was told that it was a very prosperous event that was transmitted to the maid’s.


The regulars told me that it was amazing to see photos of the Champagne tower by looking at Purrin-chan ‘s account.


If there was an event that the maid of Nagoya and Akihabara exchanged and served, it talked to the maid and it was fun.


Because there is a affiliate store in Akihabara and Nagoya, it becomes a good stimulation to the maid by interacting with each other

I thought that new projects and events would be born.


I think that it is very interesting when it is intertwined because the Maid café culture is different in Nagoya and Akihabara.


I spent two and a half hours staying in this fun time.

It was an hour in the event, but the conversation with the maids was fun and I forgot the time.


While I think about the fun time at the Edge Romantic Museum , I wrote it in a rambling sentence and it became difficult to read.

Thank you for your reading.























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