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Onsen-ji Temple (worship on November 26, 2017)

Onsen-ji Temple (worship on November 26, 2017)

Kinosaki Onsen the second morning.

I ate a good breakfast and went to the outside hot water.


1400 years ago Emperor Unwinding Ming,
It was discovered from the thing that stork healed the wound of the foot,
It is said to be named based on being said.

There are seven outdoor hot springs in Kinosaki.
I like this hot water best.

The outdoor bath is the best from the morning.


There is a hot-spring temple in front of Hongyu.
It is a visit to serve as a cool bath.

Or rather, I actually had a visit yesterday as well. Lol

On December 22, 2012, visit >

On November 7, 2015, visit >

Address: 985-2 Yushima, Kinosaki-cho, Toyooka-shi, Hyogo
Sect: Shingon Sect Koyasan
Principal Image: ten-sided Kannon
Founded: (DEN) Tenhei 10 years (738)
Kaiki: (DEN) Michi-chi People
The Temple of the West: the sacred sites of Nishiokuni, the 33rd place of Tajima, and the Treasure Road seven Lucky Gods


To the right of the approach, the onsen egg is delicious Kinosaki Gelato Cafe Chaya,
There is a private paid parking lot (700 yen) next to the left.

The free parking lot at the temple is at the back.
Supporters-san only.

Temple Gate


[Hand Water hut]

It is a warm hot spring. (^ ^

Main Hall

Let’s go to the foreign team and pray.

Kobo Daishi


[Red Seal]

I received the Red Seal of Fukurokuju yesterday.<!–


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