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People in the vicinity of Funabashi seem to be hungry in irmine, but I was starving for sweets?? Crepe Shop @ Andersen Park, a business trip from Anesaki

People in the vicinity of Funabashi seem to be hungry in irmine, but I was starving for sweets?? Crepe Shop @ Andersen Park, a business trip from Anesaki

I’m going to write about the event that’s over.
It is avoided as much as possible because it becomes the diary of that.

… But this time I had a lot to think about,
I dared to take a brush.

The season is the opposite of the true time,
This time about Irmine.
(Now, no one is impressed, or bland)

For residents of Funabashi, Narashino, Yachiyo and Kamagaya
The big free or cheap irmine of the scale which can be easily able to go
Unfortunately, there is none in the near-field…

If there is only one,
Is this the irmine of Funabashi Andersen Park?

But this is only December 23 and 24, and the opening hours are short in the evening from 5:00 to 8:00.

It was originally held for the citizens of Funabashi,
Ilmine is increased awareness for free,
Now, a visitor came from a yen in the prefecture.

The Andersen Park in the daytime
I’ve been there about seven years ago.
Personally, it became famous so far, and it did not seem to be a popular place.

It has become a popular spot in the last few years
The people involved in the past few years have made a lot of effort…

Because it is irmine in the popular spot,
It is natural that it is crowded…
So, for next year, how big is this?
Noda I decided to go out to serve as a topic search for next year!

The Andersen Park is usually open once at 4 o’clock in the evening.
It is closed and it is opened again at five o’clock.

So how crowded is it?


The parking lot is like this after 4 o’clock in the evening.


Quite a procession in front of the gate.
Because of the number of guests, the admission time was rounded up to about 15 minutes.

Let’s say, parking lot and entrance fee both Irmine time is free, so it is a crowded trap (̄ ̄;)

Ilmine lights up with 5 o’clock,
The lighting ceremony in the main tree is at 5:20am.


The photo was not recorded, but with the live music of the Christmas song, the lighting ceremony…


The ball-shaped irmine resembles a man in the moat of Takasaki.
It is quite devised.


Near the entrance is like this


There is no irmine in the windmill. Light up only.


The tulip in winter is beautiful, too.


Well, it’s something to eat.
Of course, the stalls?? .

Because it is Christmas, I want to eat the “seeming” thing still
It’s like a crepe.


Chocolate Banana Crepe @ 500 yen.

The crepe of fluffy mochi,
Rather than crepe, somewhere waffle (^^)

The cream is not too sweet
It was a product of Don Pisa for me. (^-^)/


It seems to be a famous shop of Anesaki…
Do you bother to travel here?
Thank you for your time. M (__) m
I wonder if I want to go there…

Anyway, I was surprised at this congestion.
The population density is
In the Ashikaga Flower Park, Irmine
I think it’s not going to be a sink.

But in inverse proportion to that,
The scale of irmine is never large.
It’s a bit lonely

Because it is free, I might not help it.
Even if it’s small,
I want something like that of Ota, such as Ilmine.
(By the way, this is free, but parking fee is charged)
↓ ↓ ↓


Greed says,
Just a little bit, it’s perfect if you have a moving irmine.

Also, there are less than two days to take place.
At least three days after, I want to open a total of five days.
Parking lot I don’t care if it takes a lot of money.

Even though it’s not so big
This number of customers is… (; ° Д °)

The people who want to see the great
Because there is much rot if going to Tokyo,
I just want to go there,
This is the only thing that people gather in Irmine in this Andersen Park.
I think that it means that there is no attractive ilminspot other than this vicinity and is concentrated one pole.

… So, the people of local government officials in the vicinity,
This is a chance (* ‘ Д ́) No!!!

If you do this kind of event in the northwest of Chiba,
Surely customers are coming (^^)
There is no other way, and the person who did it won.

Could you do it somewhere?

Around the windmill of Kasumigaura,
The Park of Takeonzuka
Karasuyama in Tochigi or
There is a place to be a good example of Irmine free…


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