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Rain is gentle No. 2

Rain is gentle No. 2


For lunch on this day, I went to “rain is gentle No. 2” ◎

It is the second store of a famous shop where you can enjoy original ramen.



The shop is near the Sapporo factory and Ario, and is it easy to understand?

There is no parking, so I parked in a nearby coin parking and entered the store!


It’s like a café with counter seats only.

We went into the shop and bought a meal ticket at the ticket machine.



I passed the meal ticket and waited in about ten minutes.


Scallop Chicken White water salt (850 yen), rice or cheese (200 yen)


It’s an artistic visual!

In the same place as the head office, instead of Menma? The burdock is on the roll.



Soup with thick and coarse taste is delicious ◎

It is a delicious soup with a potage feeling like chicken white hot water!



The main store was narrow and completely different, chuta plump noodles!

It is delicious in the noodles with the eating response ♪



Fried burdock is delicious as usual ◎

The chemistry with soup was better than the head office!



Scallop paste here…



When melted into soup, the flavor of the scallop stands out!

I feel that it became a more thick taste ◎




It is a simple meal with the cheese and the boiled rice.

It was rice that fit the soup like the potage!



It was a ramen that was original ramen, and it was not good to say that it was a western style.

The ramen at the head office was interesting with a different taste than the two.


Also with the line.


Rain is gentle No. 2
● Address
1, 28, Kita 7-Jo, Higashi-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
Business Hours

11:00 ~ 15:00
18:00 ~ 20:20
● Telephone
● Regular holiday
Mondays (Tuesdays on Public holidays)

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