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Red Hot spring, Uesugi no Yu Shakumo

Red Hot spring, Uesugi no Yu Shakumo


After seeing Hanagasa Matsuri, we stopped at the Red Hot spring in the middle of moving from Yamagata to Fukushima.


It is Shakumo.


It became here when I erased the Inn which was good at the place where it was possible to take a day bath in the Red hot spring elimination.









Water bath



Drinking fountain



You can drink hot spring here.


It is almost tasteless, but I also feel like sulfur if it is said.


You can drink it almost as hot water.






It seems that the baths of men and women are replaced daily, and the man Bath was Higashi-yu on this day.


Here you can enjoy various baths as a super Sento at the Ryokan. (One of the reasons I chose this place)


Indoor bath is only one, but I can enjoy quite a three-dimensional arrangement of my favorite food in the open-air bath is wide.



It was the first charter on this day, but the parents and children came in later.





There was a shogi board for some reason.


Is it because it is near the Holy Land of shogi, Tendo city?


Or is it a shogi version of the style to play chess while entering the hot spring of Hungary?





There is also a way to stimulate the foot vase.


It hurts really.



Outdoor Bath



The main bathtub of the open-air bath was what the North stoning was placed!


I can hardly see you, but this inn seems to have received a valuable kitstoning. It was written in the description.


So there is also the effect of Radium Izumi, and.


Mixed Blessing ~ ~ ~ ~



Hollow Bath



It is a rock hollow-out bath of the specialty bath here.


The rock is carved out and it makes it to the bathtub.


This type of bath is also rare because there is no such thing that only entered in the water of Kirara of Higashi-sen and Takamatsu in Akita.


I think there’s a lot of work to do, maybe.


If I use heavy equipment, can I repeat it in one day?



Hollow Bath



There are also two baths that are hollowed out.


There are three because there is one in the woman bath further.


It is a big feast of the Hollow bath.






There was a mysterious object in the North stoning bath.


Is it a deification of the phallic often in the bath of such a hot spring?






I can understand the song monument (although the content is not understood), the object like the aliens under it is not understood well.


Is this also enshrined for the people wishing for the prosperity of offspring?


Is a mystery.





There was a picture of Miyazaki.


Did you come here?





It is a withholding bath.


The other bathtub was a little hot, but it was lukewarm.


Therefore, it does not seem to be warmed as it is a source.






There are five most advanced massage chairs available for free.


I wanted to massage here for about three hours, but I could only do five minutes because the time was imminent.



Foot bath



There is a shrine and a footbath when going up the stairs in the site of the Ryokan.


It seems to be making a footbath by repeating the rock here.



It seems to be a very favorite inn to repeat the rock.









Overall rating 4.3
Price: 1000 yen
Amenity shampoo, body soap, conditioner, towel, shaving, skin lotion
Facility Rest area, dryer

Service cold water, tea

Attaching bath, open-air bath (North stoning bath, rock-hollow bath x2, source bath), Footbath
Spring quality sulfur chloride spring

Business hours 11:30 ~ 15:00 (last entry 14:20)

Bathing Day 2018/8/9


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