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Red Tsukashiro

Red Tsukashiro

The red Tsukusuku Castle was built in the middle of the 15th century by Mr. Chiba, a shimosa country guardian. Mr. Chiba had extended the power to the present Wako city and Omiya-ku, but it became a retainer of Hojo Mr., and the territory was confiscated at the same time as Hojo’s being destroyed by Toyotomi Hideyoshi in 1590, and it was a deserted castle. It is now a municipal Akatsuka Tameike Park, and the hill of the Honmaru ruins where the monument of the municipal Hometown museum, the reservoir, and Castle is erected on the site remains.

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Name: Red Tsukashiro
● Location: Itabashi-ku, Tokyo ( map )
-Castle: 1456 years (Yasumasa 2 years)
● Built Principal: Chiba self-among amusements
Classification: Hira Yamashiro
Related: Itabashi-KU HP

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SONY DSCAkatsuka Castle is on a hilly hill in the municipal Akatsuka Tameike Park. Because the neighborhood is a residential area, the kind of the remains which might have been outside the park at that time is lost by development.

SONY DSCThe hill top is a honmaru mark, but ruins such as the residence ruins, the tower ruins, and tower traces are not found.

SONY DSCThe stone monument of the red Tsukashiro Honmaru.

SONY DSCThe explanation board of Musashi Chiba’s rise and Fall and the Akatsuka castle ruins stand beside the stone monument.

SONY DSCHonmaru traces that 2.

SONY DSCHonmaru traces that 3.

Date of Visit: May, 2012


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