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Seiganji Temple (on June 18, 2016)

Seiganji Temple (on June 18, 2016)

Since the Seiganji temple in Kyoto is the Honen-ji and the place of Luoyang,
It was a temple which was not suitable for a foot while thinking that it did not visit at one time.

The temple in the downtown area is very unpleasant and I hate to mess around,
It’s hard to park a car.

But when I saw the principal image of the Seiganji temple,
I regretted why I did not visit earlier.

The principal image was wonderful to regret.

Address: 453 Shimosakura-cho, Shinkyogoku-dori Sanjo, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Sect: Jodoshu Nishiyama Fukakusa sect.
Principal Image: Amida-Nyorai
Founded: Tenji 6 years (667)
Kaiki: Megumi-Hide
Imperial: Emperor Tenchi
Fushijo: Honen-no-sacred sites, Luoyang 33 Kannon sacred Sites, Luoyang 6 Amida sacred Sites,
Shin-Nishi 33 Kannon Sacred Sites, Nishi Yamagami 16 sacred sites, Maimori Kamito Twenty-five sacred sites


Temple Gate

It was in front of the shopping street.
The gate is truly buzz.

[Inside the main hall]

There are many people in the main hall.

When I look into what’s happening,
It seems that the Noh dance of Kanze style is dedicated to the memorial service of the Izumi Shikibu today.

I’m not familiar with the Noh. (^ ^;

At the time of “I-pong” of the small-drum player than Mai,
I was worried that the finger would be OK because it was a strong rap. Wry smile

It ends in about ten minutes,
Principal image in the main hall where nobody is gone.

【 Principal Image 】

The original was the GNP Buddha of the Hachiman Shrine of Ishishimizu Hachimangu,
It seems to have moved to the Seiganji temple in Meiji 2 when the gods separation was done.

That’s great.

To the temple in the downtown area like this,
That such a splendid principal image is coming.

I regretted that I should have come earlier at the same time as I was surprised.

[Kitukai Jizo-son]


[Red Seal]

We received the Honen and the red Seal of Luoyang.


This is a stamp rather than a red seal.

Since it was the start of awarding today in limited Quantity & Memo,
I purchased it in commemoration.<!–


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