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Shiba Saki Kou Special Live Limited edition seal book

Shiba Saki Kou Special Live Limited edition seal book

“Shiba-Saki Temple”-Ikegami Honmon-ji temple Mon-night Feast
Date and Time: Saturday, September 30, 2017, open at 17:45/start at 18:30
Venue: Hihasune Daimotoyama Ikegami Honmon-ji (Ota-ku, Tokyo)

“Shiba Saki Jingu”-Heian Jingu Moon Night Feast
Date: October 9, 2017 (Mon.) 17:45 Open/18:30 start
Venue: Heian Jingu Shrine (Kyoto, Japan)

The image of the actress is strong speaking of Kou Shibasaki,
This person’s singing ability is very, and has been active as a singer.

In Japan, she is the only actress and singer.

She has a daimyo song that remains in the history of Japan music.

It was starring Tsuyoshi Takeuchi and Yuko Kusanagi:, and he also performed.
This is the theme song of the movie “The Moon Drop”.

It is a wonderful song and a singing voice even if I listen now.

That she is doing live after a long time,
I will participate in Heian Shrine for one song of “The Moon Drop”.

So yesterday, we got the information to be released in the goods.

The number of pages is small as far as the image is seen.
I think there is no paper, but there is a memorial. (^ ^

However, since this will be released in the booklet and set the seal,
It is expected that the price will be high.

Only the venue of Ikegami Honmon-ji temple and Heian Jingu shrine will be released.
I can buy it even outside the venue, so if you want it, come.

October 10, 2017 Update >
It was 3,500 yen with a small pamphlet.

Paper in small size seems to be surprisingly nice.

Also, I was expecting a listing in Yafoku,
It doesn’t come out very much at this time.

Her fans seemed to have a lot more red-painted girls than I expected.<!–


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