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Shinagawa Daiba [Part 1] look at the Rokudai station while walking the Rainbow Bridge

Shinagawa Daiba [Part 1] look at the Rokudai station while walking the Rainbow Bridge

In 1853, Admiral Perry’s black ships suddenly attack to Urawa. In preparation for the re-attack, the shogunate was rushed to the Edo Bay, and the Daiba (Turret Island) group was Shinagawa Daiba. Two groups were discontinued in the middle due to financial difficulties, but only 12356 was completed, although the Daiba construction of seven units from the first to seventh was done. It is said that Perry who was surprised to see the Daiba off Shinagawa was not entering Edo and re-landed to Urawa though part was already completed at the time of Perry’s return of the following year actually. Daiba itself was opened to the opening without being used in combat. The Daiba mark is left for a while after that, but is gradually removed for route maintenance etc., and only the third and sixth currently exist. The third was maintained as Daiba Park, and it became possible to stroll ashore on foot in the land continuation from Odaiba. The sixth is left on the sea and is currently forbidden.

Basic Data >
Name: Shinagawa Daiba (Wikipedia)
● Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo ( map )
● Built Principal: Edo shogunate ( Egawa Tarozaemon )
● Castle: 1853 (five years)
-Remains: stone wall, earth base, building traces
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Shinagawa Daiba is located at the top of the Rainbow Bridge. Rainbow Bridge is actually a promenade where you can walk across, so first of all take a look at the sixth (sea) from there, and walk as it is to reach the third (Daiba Park) route to Odaiba.

s_daiba-5228To the Rainbow Bridge entrance. We arrived at the foot of the Rainbow Bridge in about 5 minutes ‘ walk from JR Tamachi station. It’s not the place to walk, the thick road is the impression of the Gulf Factory area through the Banbashi Street truck, etc. The white building in the back is the Rainbow Bridge entrance. The sign on the side, “Rainbow Bridge Sales Guide” is written and toll-free. I hear that it was paid in old times. Go to the back along the wire mesh. There is no one walking.

s_daiba-5229To the back of this road. Rainbow Bridge entrance → There are so many signs here and there you will not be lost.

s_daiba-5230Cross the right path. I found the slope where the security guard is standing when advancing to the interior as it is because it was blocked though there was a place like the gate of the price of the cost age. It seems to climb from here to the Rainbow Bridge. By the way, wheelchair access to Odaiba as it is.

s_daiba-5232sThe entrance of the building to the Rainbow Bridge. It is a beautiful building of glass, but it is deserted now, and there were only people who went over to Odaiba by the construction person concerned and the bicycle when visiting.

s_daiba-5233Into the building. The Rainbow Bridge has two passages (north) and South Route (south), while the Daiba remains on the south side of the bridge to the left south route.

s_daiba-5235Inside the Rainbow Bridge. The promenade is the road of the tile next to the roadway. Amazing exhaust gas. The sea side is covered with a fine mesh of eyes, it is difficult to see the Daiba. Because the Daiba mark is on the Odaiba side, it advances fast for the time being.

s_daiba-5236After a while, I went to a place like a little sticking out observation area. Because there is a place where there is no wire mesh, it seems to see the Daiba mark well. Let’s take a viewing from here.

s_daiba-5237The map was in the observation area. The Rainbow Bridge is just around the exit of the one rotation place. By the way, the place to one rotation is not able to go on the promenade.

s_daiba-5238From the view area of Tamachi side. This is a wide-angle shooting near the feeling seen with the naked eye. There is a sixth green island floating in front of the tower. It is the third place (Daiba Park) which is seen a little by the side of the bridge in the left back.

s_daiba-5239A little zoom. This is a green island in front of the Odaiba Building group represented by Fuji Television. An unknown downtown historical spot.

s_daiba-5249Zoom further. The slender island seen in the back of the sixth place is a breakwater “Bird Island”.

s_daiba-5255The break of the stone wall which seems to be the entrance to the sixth place is seen when expanding further. It will be blurred more, so let’s go closer to the bridge a little more.

s_daiba-5263It came to the front of the sixth place. It is difficult to understand where the front or rather, the corner of this place there is probably the entrance of the boat “front”.

s_daiba-5265The sixth station entrance. The stone wall is a drop piling like the Edo period. Corners is a beautiful abacus with a cut of stone. It seems that Daiba is a basic square, but only this corner with the entrance has a little corner cut and the entrance is in the center. The appearance of the inside is completely covered with green and it is not understood at all.

s_daiba-5272One piece is going to Odaiba side a little. A fortress in Tokyo Bay. There seems to be a sandy beach in the left back. I think that there was no old times because it would have been landed when there is a sandy beach, but the sand deposited in the long standing?

s_daiba-5274Zoom the entrance of the sixth place from the Naname. The part which seems to be a pier collapses about half. The stone that sank half to the left is also a trace of something. It is surprised because it becomes the jungle island of only this if it leaves for about 150 years in the artificial island which reclaimed from the one. If a landing tour is planned one day, I want to visit it.

s_daiba-5279The sixth place seen in the ultra wide angle. The strangeness of the jungle Island which floats in the Tokyo Bay surrounded by the big city is understood well.

s_daiba-5285I zoomed the sandy part of Odaiba side. The feeling that the sand is piling up radially. On the inside of this corner, you can see a glimpse of a reticulated roof like a fujibin.

s_daiba-5291Well, the sixth place is made to this, and I will look toward Odaiba and see the third place. It is considerably maintained unlike the sixth place, and the appearance at that time is a figure easy to understand here. Construction was also floating on the sea at the time, but now the road is made to walk from Odaiba. It is not so though the Rainbow Bridge seems to pass on the third place when seeing from this angle.

s_daiba-5298It sees by the Odaiba side a little more. A maritime fortress with a distorted pentagon. A sense of fortress peculiar to the Edo period, such as Goryokaku in Hakodate. The road which extends to the left back is a promenade which runs from Odaiba. The Rainbow Bridge extends to the tip of that promenade.

s_daiba-5304Let’s take a look at the third place where we will subtly change the expression while heading to Odaiba from here. It is well understood that the landing place is good, and the soil base piled high around the daiba, and a peculiar shape that the central part is dented.

s_daiba-5307Pier the third place seen from the front. On the right side of the pier is a stone monument. The left side of Daiba is relatively tree-cutting, but the right side is like a forest.

s_daiba-5309Also, I went to Odaiba side. The following year, which was threatened severely by Urawa, Perry, who was full-time again, was completely defenseless until last year, and was suddenly able to see these maritime fortresses that were made in the sea of Edo. Samurai fear.

s_daiba-5311Drop your eyes a little. If you look closely, you can see that there is a small island attached to the left. Let’s go here if it is.

In the middle hen, we finally landed in Shinagawa Daiba.

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Date of Visit: September, 2014
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